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  1. Bryan Oake
  2. France Roble
  3. Betty Wilso
  4. doroth hove
  5. Pamela Dundas
  6. Redbot
    Redbot Zomblad
  7. Tapii
    Tapii Awesome_Dante
    Hiyo! Can i talk to you on discord? Megaan#9784
    1. Awesome_Dante
      Aug 16, 2019 at 7:16 AM
  8. xHexical
    xHexical Awesome_Dante
    hey, I purchased your Character pack (4bucks), but I have not received it? If you could get it to me somehow that would be great! (its not showing up in purchased)
    1. Awesome_Dante
      Not sure if I already addressed this. If not please message me on discord Awesome_Dante#4918
      Aug 16, 2019 at 7:14 AM
  9. Velinquish
    Velinquish Awesome_Dante
    Is it possible to make a MythicMobs wither stop shooting wither skulls and to remove its bossbar?
    1. Awesome_Dante
      Not sure about removing bossbars, if making it just a disguise doesn't work their may be something in MME, but off the top of my head I do not know about how to remove the bar.
      Aug 16, 2019 at 7:14 AM
  10. Barney
    Barney Nexto
    Nexto is awesome
  11. IAmChipotle
    Eating Chipotle
  12. DUMPLING0724
  13. NevinGaming
    can i use this plugin for my 1.14.2 server?
  14. chrisknyfe
    Survival addict
  15. Spencer Cowan
    Spencer Cowan Buguser
    Do any of your packs have a snake mob? If so can you send me a link. And I know I don’t know you but I need help, if your packs don’t have one do you know how to make a snake mob without custom models? I just want like a straight line that’s all or something like this please help me
  16. Spencer Cowan
    Spencer Cowan Barney
    Hi Barney do any of your packs or resources have a snake mob I could use? It could literally be a straight long line of any color. If you can help please send me a message
  17. Barney
    Resource links should be fixed | Thank you for all your support! | New pack coming soon!
  18. Skullengine
    Skullengine Wahrheit
    Hey, so basically what I need is to fix so these mobs can spawn even if players arent there / chunks arent loaded.
    Why? Because I want to send a message on spawn that it has spawned.
  19. Queen
  20. Douglas Erwin
    Douglas Erwin
    Working all the time