Champions v0.0.1

[Alpha] Player Skills & Classes!

  1. MythicCraft

    this is for alpha access to the Champions plugin. don't buy it unless you know what you're doing and want to get access to alpha builds.

    Champions - Player Skills and Classes for MythicMobs!
    Manual | Changelogs | Terms of Purchase | Dev Builds

    Alpha Early Access - bugs are likely. Please let us know about any issues you encounter on Discord or in the Bug Reports forum!
    Champions (or MythicChampions) is an add-on for MythicMobs that allows you to create custom spells and classes that players can utilize.
    Players can learn spells through commands, spell tomes, signs, by leveling up classes that you design, and more! They can then use these spells with commands, using a powerful toggleable ActionBar, or by binding spells to items.

    You can also create classes your players can choose and level up. Leveling can unlock skills, increase their stats and attributes, and more! Classes are highly configurable, and variables/placeholders and math can be used almost everywhere.

    Custom skill resources/reagents, custom stats, custom attributes will all be creatable using math and backed by MythicMobs' massive skill system.
    • MythicMobs Premium
    • MySQL Database (for now)

    Champions is able to call on all the same mechanics, conditions, and even skills (and mobs) that MythicMobs uses, so it's important to be familiar with MythicMobs before using Champions.

    Classes and Skills are configured in the MythicChampions plugin folder, and example files are included (with more to come) to help you get started. Champions skills can directly reference MythicMobs skills, but not the other way around.

    Get started by reading the Champions' manual!

    Features (55% complete)
    • Create skills using MythicMobs' skill system - using any mechanics and even your existing skills - and teach them to players.
    • Skills can be castable, or passive using skill triggers!
    • Players can use castable spells using a powerful toggle-able actionbar system, or by using commands.
    • Comes with new skill triggers, mechanics, conditions, etc for use with players and player classes.
    • Create custom skill reagents. Mana is boring! Create any resources you want, that will function exactly how you want using any skill triggers and conditions, scaling with math! Different skills/classes can use different reagents at the same time!
    • Teach skills to players using commands, tomes (books), signs, classes, or whatever else you think of, and add conditions for learning them.
    • Create custom classes that players can unlock and choose. Add unlock conditions and costs.
    • Use math for ultimate customization with scaling attributes and stats for your classes.
    • Scale everything exactly how you want, with math, stats, variables, and all your class statistics usable in skills.
    • (Coming Soon) Stats, such as critical strike, dodge, etc, with the ability to create your own using passive skills and math scaling.
    • (Coming Soon) Super customizable talent trees that can unlock skills, attributes, stats, and more!
    Current Features In-Progress
    • Custom Stats
    • Talent Trees
    Example Skill Configuration
      Cooldown: 3
      Display: '&4Shadow Bomb'
      - 'Shoot a sphere of shadow!'
        Material: FIRE_CHARGE
        CustomModelData: 25241
      Learnable: true
      - class Warlock
      - level >5
      Bindable: true
      Trigger: NONE
      Targeter: TargetLocation
      - mana '50 - <caster.var.souls|0>'
      - health 2
      Conditions: []
      TargetConditions: []
      TriggerConditions: []
      - projectile{.....} @targetlocation

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