[Mob Pack] Buguser's Dungeon Mob Pack ⚔ Includes 25 monsters with own skills and random spawners V. 1.4.1

25 dangerous monsters for your dungeons! Optional random mob spawners included.

  1. Buguser
    Required Dependencies:
    • Lib's Disguises
    • MythicMobsExtension
    Minecraft V. 1.12.2 is not supported since V. 1.4!

    Dungeon Mob Pack

    Prepare yourselves! A new threat awaits you in the dark and deserted corners of your dungeons! You want to face the challenge? Of course you want... but you won't survive long anyway. This mob pack contains over 20 monsters for your dungeons and they can't await to tear you and your friends into pieces...

    Currently included in the Dungeon Mob Pack:
    25 monsters separated into 3 groups, every monster has it's own skills:


    • weak minion
    • random equipment
    • high movement speed
    • average mob
    • random equipment
    • 2 combat skills which are randomly triggered when the mob gets damaged (Swirl- and Heavy-Attack skills)
    • average mob
    • random equipment
    • special skill where the mob ignites it's arrows
    • special mob
    • increases the morale of the orcs in the immediate vicinity, making them faster, stronger and more resistant
    • the War Mage regenerates magic points faster in cause of his presence
    • plays some strange music only orcs would love ❤
    • is not affected by it's own skills
    War Mage
    • special mob
    • 2 magical distance skills to defeat his enemies
    • the skills consume magic points, which are charged in the fight by time and hits
    • armor is randomly enchanted with protection 2
    Axe Thrower
    • average mob
    • random equipment
    • throws axes on its enemies



    • weak minion
    • random weapons
    • can use the teleport-combat-skill when they wear a special weapon
    • average mob
    • random weapons
    • can use a teleport-combat-skill which executes a strong melee attack
    • average mob
    • 'random' enchanted bow
    • teleports away if it gets damaged
    • strong close combatant
    • very high movement speed
    • uses a skill which makes the mob extremely fast and deals a lot of damage to the target if it attacks in time
    • special mob
    • has no equipment
    • with his skill, the Interceptor pulls his target towards him and deals area-wide wither damage (during the skill the monster is hardly vulnerable)
    • can't walk, only teleport
    • average mob
    • explodes when it comes too close to players and adds wither, slowness and blindness effects
    • pulls players towards itself before it explodes

    Wraiths are immune to almost all types of damage except melee damage!



    • weak minions
    • 4 types (Spiderling Poison, Spiderling Wither, Spiderling Frost and Spiderling Fire)
    • growing up to big spiders
    • grow faster trough various actions (damage, kills and time)
    Spider Poison
    • average mob
    • poisons enemies by its bites
    • spit nets on his opponents
    Spider Wither
    • average mob
    • withers enemies by its bites
    • uses a skill that makes the spider faster and mounts the target when dealing damage in time
    Spider Frost
    • special mob
    • freezes enemies by its bites
    • triggers a dangerous area-wide blizzard that deals heavy damage and freezes players
    Spider Fire
    • special mob
    • ignites enemies by its bites
    • uses a dangerous fire-breath skill
    Spider Eggs
    • spawner mob
    • 5 types (Spider Egg Poison, Spider Egg Wither, Spider Egg Frost, Spider Egg Fire and Spider Egg Random)
    • spawns spiderlings
    • maximum of 2-3 spiderlings at the same time, if they are killed, more will spawn
    • spiders in the near will try to stop the player from destroying the spider egg

    Other Information:
    Complexity: 4/10
    Tested Minecraft Versions: 1.12.2 (not V. 1.4) & 1.13.2
    Tested MythicMobs Versions: 4.3.2, 4.5.X, 4.6.X, 4.7.X

    Lines: ~2300
    Files: 7
    Equipment Skills: ~50
    Combat Skills: ~50 (including effect-skills and other skills)
    File Sizes together: ~90KB

    Requires MythicMobsExtension! For MC 1.13: Make sure to use a version which supports MC 1.13 (e.g. MythicMobsExtension-1.320-SNAPSHOT.jar)!

    Since some users have problems with the random spawns, I would like to mention here that you have to add the names of worlds in which the randomspawns should be applied to the DungeonMobPackRandomSpawns.yml. These names correspond to how your minecraft worlds are named in the gamefiles and can be multiple worlds. Thank you :)

    Also make sure to have Lib's Disguises and MythicMobsExtension installed.

    - overworking random equipment skills (planned for V. 1.5)
    - more skins for orcs (planned for V. 1.5)
    - minibosses for each group (Orc Lord, Wraith King and Brood Mother) (planned for V. 1.5)
    - special items as drops (planned for V. 1.6)

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    Good Job, amazing
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    Version: V. 1.4.1
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    Version: V. 1.4.1
    This was a great pack, but since 1.15, the orcs are really laggy :(
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    great pack and works well with 1.13.2, thanks for making it free!
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    Lots of mobs for free to increase late game difficulty !!
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    Version: V. 1.3
    Would definitely like to see the bosses get pushed to the top of the list for planned features
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    Version: V. 1.3
    friend orcs when I invite you I get an error as I solve it
    1. Buguser
      Author's Response
      Heya 01113woosd, thanks for your review!

      Can you please send me the error message over direct chat? I'm not able to reproduce the error, so i will try to fix it asap when i find out what the problem is. Maybe it is a wrong usage of the RandomSpawns.yml, please check that you didn't make any mistakes ^^. Make sure to use a supported Minecraft and MythicMobs version and don't forget to have Lib's Disguises and MythicMobsExtension installed :)
  9. TenjouKia
    Version: V. 1.3
    Used this resource on my server, pretty good! Would be glad if you can add bosses like Orc lord , Wraith King and Brood Mother (for each type)
    1. Buguser
      Author's Response
      Hey TenjouKia,

      thank you for your review :) I'll put these mobs on the planned list ^^
  10. ApocalypseZenny
    Version: V. 1.2
    Works great. Nice work!