[Mob Pack] Buguser's Dungeon Mob Pack ⚔ Includes 25 monsters with own skills and random spawners V. 1.4.1

25 dangerous monsters for your dungeons! Optional random mob spawners included.

  1. Added a new mob and bug fixes!

    Dungeon Mob Pack V. 1.4
    After a long time, another update for you!

    + Axe Thrower
    * Orcs can be spawned via eggs now
    * Overworked AI
    * Using the health condition from MM instead of MME now
    * Some skills of Wraiths should work better now
    * Fixed Orc Drummers not playing music
    - Support for 1.12.2 (V. 1.3 is the latest version for it.)
    - Removed unnecessary code
    - Removed Herobrine

    More updates coming soon!
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