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Add-on for BossShopPro that allows you to easily sell and use MythicMobs' items

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    BossShopPro Add-on



    This is a simple add-on for BossShopPro that allows you to easily utilize MythicMobs' items in your shops.

    It supports using items from MythicMobs as :

      • Costs
      • Rewards
      • Menu Items
      • Anything else I could think of!
    This allows you to easily setup shops utilizing your existing MythicMobs items with very little hassle, allowing you to streamline your server and saving hours of potential duplicate configurations.


    Required Dependencies

      • BossShopPro v1.9.0 or later (this may work with the free versions of BossShop but is not tested or guaranteed)

      • Download MythicMobs-BossShopAddon.jar
      • Place it in your plugins directory.
      • Start your server!
    Usage in Shop Configurations

    Configuring in BossShop is easy. The add-on adds a new "mythicitem" type that you can use in all of your configurations.

    Just add an item with the syntax mythicitem:itemname in your shop configs and the item will be automatically imported from MythicMobs on your shop screen.

    This add-on also adds a special function to your item configs called prependlore. This allows you to prepend lines text to MythicMobs items' lore in the shop interface, which can be useful for adding additional information that is specific to the shop.

    Example Configuration:
    [B]    MenuItem:
        - mythicitem:SkeletonCostume
        - prependlore:&ePurchase for &a20 &6Tricky Treats#
        RewardType: mythicitem
        - mythicitem:SkeletonCostume
        PriceType: item
        - - mythicitem:TrickyTreat
          - amount:20
        Message: '&eYou traded Tricky Treats for a Skeleton Costume!'
        ExtraPermission: ''
        InventoryLocation: 21



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    Check out our forums or Discord for support. We do not provide support in the comments/reviews or through PMs.
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