Viking Pack 2020-06-06

A pack that comes with 6 custom vikings and many other items.

  1. drThunderbuckle
    Required Dependencies:
    • Lib's Disguises
    • Artifacts
    2020-06-06_19.13.47.png A pack that comes with 5 basic vikings, Bjorgolf the pyromancer (high quality boss), 2 artifact weapons, 5 disguises, and custom drops to be used for custom recipes.

    Basic Vikings: Hunter, Warrior, Brute, Sharp Shooter and Soldier. All of them are melee except for the sharp shooter who has a custom flintlock pistol.

    Bjorgolf the pyromancer: A flaming viking that has 3 different attack phases. Melee, Ranged, and crazy. On his melee stage he deals massive damage at short range. On his ranged stage he can shoot fireballs and leap into the air. On his crazy stage he constantly chases down the player while exploding fire.
    Artifact weapons: A fire storm flamethrower that mimics Bjorgolf's flame attack, and a Flintlock pistol that can be dropped by the Sharp Shooter.

    Disguises: Custom skins to make the vikings look nicer.
    Open up the disguises.yml that you downloaded, and copy all of the disguises in it.
    Tut1.PNG Paste all of the text in the disguises.yml located in plugins/libsdisguises/disguises.yml (make sure that it is under the disguises tab which is circled in the picture)
    Tut2.PNG If you have done this correctly, the disguises should work fine. Once you are finished reload/restart your server. (you can just reload mythicmobs and libsdisguises but I prefer to reload the whole thing to be safe.
    Custom drops: Drops I used in my server to allow players to craft special items. They don't do anything special unless you have a custom recipes plugin.

    Please leave a review about my packs! If you are going to leave a bad review please message me first so that I can try to figure out what is wrong.

    Help Discord:

    It requires MythicArtifacts for the player items and LibsDisguises for the skins.