Can't Replicate Bug: Skills: Sound spreads all over the map

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by _SHO_, May 11, 2020.

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    Enter a brief description of what is broken Skills: Sound spreads all over the map

    What version of Minecraft are you using?

    What server jar are you using? Spigot

    What is this a bug report for? MythicMobs

    What version of the plugin are you using? 4.9.0

    Describe the bug. Be as specific as possible, images or short gifs/videos are welcome but save configuration files for later sections. Write a whole paragraph if needed, help us bug testers replicate your issue!
    Hello, there was an error during the skill setup. I indicate the sound in the settings skill during the attack. The sound should be heard only by the player who hit, sound is played to all players in the world.

    Sorry for my English...
    help, maybe I made a mistake

    Example Configurations
    - sound{s=entity.blaze.ambient} @self
    -effect:sound{s=entity.endermen.stare;volume=1.0;pitch=1.2} @self
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    Works fine for me, maybe a 1.12 issue?

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