Bug: <trigger.name> does not work with mobs

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    Enter a brief description of what is broken <trigger.name> does not work with mobs

    What version of Minecraft are you using?

    What server jar are you using? Spigot

    What is this a bug report for? MythicMobs

    What version of the plugin are you using? 4.4.1v

    Describe the bug. Be as specific as possible, images or short gifs/videos are welcome but save configuration files for later sections. Write a whole paragraph if needed, help us bug testers replicate your issue!

    i have using multiple configurations utilizing <trigger.name> as a string to get my mob on death to say the name of the player, or mob that kills him,

    When i kill it, Theres no problem, The message works correctly,

    But whever ANY non player entity kills this mob, the <trigger.name> will come out as "Uknown"

    Example Configurations
    - message{m="&6<Server> &6 Raid Boss &4 DEFEATED &6 by <trigger.name>" } @PlayersInRadius{r=100} ~onDeat
    h <----- Doesnt work

    - command{c="gamemode 0 <trigger.name>"} @trigger ~onDamaged <----- Same string, different command, I still can see in console the mob correctly typing the mobs name in the command
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