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Discussion in 'Support' started by Menril, Mar 7, 2019.

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    Hey guys. I'm rather new to MythicMobs but I've enjoyed working out both variants of spawners and working on making a custom creature. However at the moment I am having a little trouble getting something I am working on to work. What I am currently trying to do is make items that give players titles when activated.

    At first I had:

    Id: 268
    Display: '&4&lS&cw&fe&ce&4t&4&lH&ce&fa&cr&4t'
    Amount: 1
    - command{c="-s/lp user <> meta removesuffix 1"}
    - command{c="-s/lp user <> meta addsuffix 1 "&4&lS&cw&fe&ce&4t&4&lH&ce&fa&cr&4t"}
    - command{c="-s/say "A Sweet Heart For You"}

    After more research I got to:

    Id: 268
    Display: '&4&lS&cw&fe&ce&4t&4&lH&ce&fa&cr&4t'
    Amount: 1
    - command{c="minecraft:-s/lp user <> meta removesuffix 1"} @self ~OnInteract
    - command{c="minecraft:-s/lp user <> meta addsuffix 1 <dq>&4&lS&cw&fe&ce&4t&4&lH&ce&fa&cr&4t<dq>"} @self ~OnInteract
    - command{c="minecraft:-s/say <dq>A Sweet Heart For You<dq>"} @self ~OnInteract

    None of these have worked and I feel as though its an error within the "{c="minecraft:-s/lp user" section of the code. Ultimately I'm just looking for a bit of an explanation on the syntax here that would help me achieve my goal. Any and all help is appreciated :>
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    These are common things newbies fail on.
    First, with minecraft on {c="minecraft:-s/lp user" you are telling the server it should be minecraft vanilla, not the pluging, to run the command, and surprise suprise, mc dont have a lp command, so lets just remove that.

    {c="-s/lp user"

    Second, you dont need to add -s/,

    so the one resulting is....

    {c="lp user"

    tada!!!! thats it

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