Drop only on certain damage?

Discussion in 'Support' started by kamziksvk1, Sep 12, 2018.

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    Hello I have a question. Is it possible to set up somehow for player to get reward from mythic mobs drop, only if he deals a certain amount of damage to the mob? I want to set this thing for my players, but I am little bit confused. Thank you for any help :)
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    This is possible be not easy to do, and involves using the scoreboard to keep track of damage to the mob. For every loss health the mob would need to run a command that compares the mob's max health to its remaining health and awards that value to the player's scoreboard, then compares them once the mob dies. Then you have to compare that value with the minimum-loot value you defined to see if the player dealt enough damage to receive a reward.

    Depending on the specific situation there may be workaround or even more complications, but it IS possible. Certainly not easy to possible, yes. This is a very common question on the forums and I have yet to see a suitable solution that doesn't result in a headache.

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