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    Welcome to the MythicMobs community-driven support section!

    Anyone can ask for help with MythicMobs in this section. Support is provided on a volunteer basis by members of the MM community - other server owners just like you! Once you become more familiar with the plugin, please consider offering support to others like those who helped you when you first started.

    If you have any questions about how to do something in MythicMobs or Artifacts and want to ask the community for help, feel free to ask here!

    As it is often difficult to solve a problem by missing information or wrong descriptions, you should follow these guidelines to actually get the help you need:

    Before you ask for help:
    • Make sure to review the resources available to you, including the MythicMobs manual. A collection of useful resources for MythicMobs can be found on the MM Discord Server in #resource-links.
    • Go through your code again step by step, maybe you recognize the problem because you missed something... Often it's about small errors like the lack of a bracket.
    • If you have a question about whether something works or not, please try it and see (TIAS) before asking. Then, if you still have problems, provide your example so we can work from there.
    • Please contact the creator if the code is from the resources section, the distribution of such a code is prohibited.
    • If you are looking for mobs, skills etc., the Resources section is the right place for you. Please do not ask if someone can code something for you here. If you need someone to create mobs for your server please create a post here.
    When asking for support:
    • Your questions will be answered on a voluntary basis, try to formulate your questions as understandable as possible because it is easier to find a suitable solution... And always remember to be friendly, but that should be self-evident :)
    • Please post all relevant configs (mob, skill, etc.) and a server log from startup to https://pastebin.com/ (or use the 'Insert Code' option for smaller configs) and include the links to the pastes. Also provide the output of /version, /version MythicMobs, and /version LibsDisguises
    • If you are having problem getting a specific function (mechanic, condition, spawner, etc.) to work, please also pastebin a server log with debug enabled where you have attempted to trigger the behavior at issue.
    • Be sure to specify what you intend to happen, what happens instead, and why you think it's not working.
    If you have problems with an add-on for MythicMobs:
    • Make sure that the add-ons are compatible with the used MythicMobs version.
    • Write the name of the add-on in the title, preferably in brackets. For example: [MythicMobsExtension]
    • Many add-ons have their own Discord servers, it's worth to have a look there.
    When you get help:
    • Give feedback on the suggested solutions, it is always good to know if the problem has been solved!
    • If the suggested solutions do not fit your problem, try to describe the problem in more detail. Remember, not everyone speaks English as their native language... It may be due to a language barrier and detailed descriptions will help to overcome it.
    • Use the Like button for solutions that actually helped :cool:
    Bug reports do not belong in this section! Please report them here.

    This post is based on the pinned message from @Wahrheit in the #community-support channel of the MM Discord Server.

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