Hiring Paid Looking for bosses for my factions server MythologyMc.net

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    I have created a faction server called MythologyMc.net which is a custom faction server related to the theme of Greek Mythology... I am looking for 5 bosses that can be purchases via buycraft in the form of an egg which can then be spawned in by the user. Once the mob/boss is killed it will drop the selected items that i decide per boss for example keys/crates/spawners/money pouches. I am will to pay for these bosses $5usd min $25max Please contact me on my discord francis2117#3205 to discuss further details. The server is 1.8 so people be sure the bosses are compatible with that. Also the bosses have to be somewhat related to the them of mythology, yet this doesn't really matter as we can just rename the boss.
    Regards Francis

    Also set up of the bosses will be need and the required plugins. Prices can be discussed with me via discord. francis2117#3205
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    I can do some of them free if you provide the ideas and the general flow of the boss battle, btw dont do the same post but in a different discussion

    Im not very active here so... Nexto#3180

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