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    I am looking for MMOcore setup!
    So I will need 4 classes for players to choose from at the start when they first join the game and at certain levels, they are able to use skill points to unlock abilities. I am looking for 100 levels in total for the players to level up to (so make it as grindy as possible since I do not want to reset their levels in any way). Not all the levels require an ability, which actually makes it easier. For instance, maybe a new level at level 5, 7, 10, 15 etc etc (just by random) and of course there are upgrades that can be done to that ability.
    Yea, the 100 levels for each class. However, I do not need an ability for every level, maybe you can skip every 10 or 15 levels, really up to you. Oh and you can repeat the abilities too (but not exessively)

    I will be willing to pay $30 dollars upwards for this! We can further discuss the pay! Add me on discord Mastergene#5179

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