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    We have been using the citizens plugin for conrolling mounts, but tbh it would be amazing to be able to ride mythicmobs and control them.

    Maybe even add new Skill Triggers
    ~onMountJump     #When your mount jumps (@Trigger would be the mount)
    ~onRiderJump       #When your rider tells you to jump (@Trigger would be the rider)
    ~onMountAttack    #When your mount hits something (@Trigger would be the hit entity)
    ~onRiderAttack     #When your rider melee-hits something (@Trigger would be the hit entity)
    ~onMountBowHit    #(@Trigger would be the hit entity)
    ~onRiderBowHit     #(@Trigger would be the hit entity)
    ~onMountDamaged #(@Trigger would be the attacking entity)
    ~onRiderDamaged  #(@Trigger would be the attacking entity)
    ###### Artifacts Special ######
    ~onRiderSwing      #As only players can use ~onSwing, only the rider gets this one. Players cant be rides as they cant be controlled. (Trigger would be the rider I guess, but @TargetLocation should be the place where the player is looking at.)
    Could add 4 new Targetters too:
    @RiderTargetLocation     (Targets the Rider's Target's Location)
    @MountTargetLocation    (Targets the Mount's Target's Location)
    If possible, it would be cool to edit the "Rideable Type". I noted that Citizen's ride behaviour is nowhere near as smooth as minecraft's, which means to me that they had to come up with their own code. If that is the case, then why not using this in out favour? Make it so that stuff can be ridden with different options:
    Ride Types:
    Like horses, that can move forward/backward/leftward/rightward. 
    Rotates with you when as look around.
    Like boats that move forward/backward only but rotate when you try to go sideways. 
    Doesn't rotate as you look around.
    Fying: (true/false)
    Flying stuff apart from being controllable horizontally/forwardly,
    rises when you jump (like flying in creative).
    When you crouch you actually unmount stuff, so citizens plugin
    makes flying things always glide downwards so you can land,
    but if you want to float in a single place you gotta press that
    [Jump] key as needed.
    JumpPower: { number }
    Flying mounts would be how fast they ascend.
    Ground mounts will jump I guess.
    With a JumpPower of 0 (where the thing doesnt actually jump)
    the ~onRiderJump skill trigger should still be triggered when
    the rider tries to jump with a ride that doesn't jump, which adds
    an additional way of firing skills on command.
    Examples I guess:
      Type: Horse
      Display: 'Magical Unicorn'
        JumpPower: 5
      - skill{s=RainbowLaser} @Trigger ~onRiderBowHit         #Fires a magical laser at the rider's enemy
      - skill{s=RainbowCloud} @SelfLocation ~onRiderJump   #Leaves rainbow particles when it jumps
    #A Futuristic Tank
      Type: GUARDIAN
      Display: 'Energy Tank'
        RideType: TANK
        JumpPower: 0
      - skill{s=Missles} @RiderTargetLocation ~onRiderSwing    #Fires some Missles to wherever the player is looking at, when the player swings his arm.
      - skill{s=NuclearTorpedo} @Forward{f=5;y=0.0} ~onRiderJump    #Fires a powerful bomb with the [Jump] key rather than jumping (JumpPower = 0)
    #A Flying Alien thing
      Type: SQUID
      Display: 'Alien Buddy'
        RideType: TANK
        Flying: true
        JumpPower: 3
      - 0 clear
      - 1 monsters
        MovementSpeed: 0.3
        FollowRange: 50
      - skill{s=AlienSpit} @Target ~onTimer:40 0.2  #May sometimes spit at a monster, even from the heights (follow range = 50)
      - skill{s=AlienSpit} @Trigger ~onRiderDamaged #Will defend its rider
    And finally, probably not gonna be possible, that you can stack rides. That is, you can ride a MagicalUnicorn, and then make the MagicalUnicorn ride the Futuristic Tank. You would then control the bottomost entity (The Tank) and use that as the controllable ride.

    Heck this thing is probably so expansive it would be an addon, like Artifacts I guess

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