Making MythicMobs drop MythicDrops

Discussion in 'Support' started by Patrick Charles, Oct 12, 2018.

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    Hi there, as the topic sais, i'd love it if the mobs i create (and buy from the resources section, which are effing amazing btw, i love this mod) Anyway, im a total noob programmer and require some help, im simply looking for some code so that the mythicmobs drop random mythicdrops, I understand this is probably in the wiki but I thought i'd ask here anyway, hope thats okay! also another question are these lines still necesssery in the latest version of mythicmobs
    - COS_LeatherFeet:1
    - COS_IronSword:0

    etc... or should i replace them with diamond_sword: 1 etc...

    Thanks for any help, apologies if im asking questions that are obvious, trying my best to get a fun server started for some friends :)

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