Suggestions: More Equip Slots, Scrolls, etc.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Sigening, Oct 11, 2019.

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    More Equip Slots
    if you make a command like /mm inventory and make it configurable like what item type's/Accessory slot tag's corresponding to a specific slot, how many slots will be there&what texture(item) will be there as displaying... and most importantly, the stats/abilities/etc. will be stacked.

    if you make this feature, I'll be very appreciated... also I haven't tried making a plugin but I think you can easily make this by adding at each PlayerEvents (like, OnPlayerDamage)

    Enchant Scrolls
    : it's similar to Gems&Upgrades, all items will now have an "allow-enchant-scroll" and "maximum-enchant-count" option. making this feature is simple(maybe) it will have the same item edit GUI as other items, and if you drag this onto an item like a Gem, it will additionally have the scroll's stats/abilities/etc. the lore will now display like
    Available Enchant Counts: N (can be infinite)
    and the number N will decrease every time when you use an enchant scroll on this item.
    there also can be an item to increase this number, and all scroll's abilities will stack (if you can make)

    Advanced Item Types
    : Adding Feature to execute a command when left-click... better if you make a "Command" ability so you can custom your attack effects with other plugins like SkillAPI, Magicspells, etc.

    Better Identify System
    : Adding Variety to identification item, like by rarity or 'power level' etc. so there's a requirement for an unidentified item to identify.

    this plugin is the best-est plugin so far, and if you add these features, it'll be a perfect essential MMORPG plugin
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    A custom inventory plugin compatible with MMOItems is on its way and will be available in the resource section in a couple of days.

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