• Improved 1.8.7 support

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed sendtitle skill clipping the last character of subtitles
  • Fixed Damage skill amount being a bit off in some rare cases
  • Fixed ParticleLine and ParticleRing effects missing particle packets



  • Made several systems such as spawners, certain skills, the scanner and effects run asynchronously, meaning if your server has >1 CPU core you will benefit from massively increased performance.
  • scan-interval is recommended to be set at 5 or 10 (down from 60) if you have >1 CPU core.


  • SpawnModifiers can now accept ranges in the format “# to #” and will be randomized.
  • Most skills no longer target players in creative mode

Bug Fixes / Other

  • More improvements to spawners! (they now use almost zero overhead)
  • Fixed a bug causing spawners to sometimes spawn multiple mobs
  • Fixed colors not working in certain disguise names
  • Fixed Spawners not always recognizing when an associated mob dies.
  • Fixed Spawners losing track of their mobs on plugin reload.
    • Spawners will now leash, clean-up and re-spawn their mobs on reload.
  • Fixed plugin not loading when attempting to enable compatibility for plugins that are out of date.
  • Fixed SENDTITLE skill not loading both string elements correctly.
  • Fixed mobs doing no damage instead of defaulting to vanilla values when a damage value isn't set



  • Mob's configured damage will now apply to arrows shot by the mob if they are using a bow
  • Several huge performance optimizations have been made in this build.
  • Using /mm debug will now display a new separate debugging menu
  • Added a few new debugging commands to track and display timings for the MythicMobs clock.

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Various performance improvements for Spawners
  • Added more error checking on load
  • Fixed various issues with spawners
  • Fixed compatibility-related strings not parsing new variables correctly.
  • Fixed the Rally skill not working on certain mob types



  • Configs will now be loaded from any sub-directories for each config type, allowing you to better organize mobs.

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Various performance improvements for RandomSpawns
  • Added more error checking on load
  • Fixed a couple NullPointerException errors occuring on certain versions of Spigot
  • Fixed the @trigger targeter not always working properly.
  • Fixed RandomSpawn priority not always working correctly
  • Fixed vanilla experience not always dropping when the mob's experience has not been modified by a drop table
  • Fixed some issues with the title skill



  • Added Options.Tameable option for wolves, defaults to false
  • Allowed color names instead of IDs for wolf collars


Added global disguise options:

  • Disguise.Burning: (true/false)
  • Disguise.Invisible: (true/false)
  • Disguise.ModifyBoundingBox: (true/false)
  • Disguise.Sneaking: (true/false)
  • Disguise.Sprinting: (true/false)
Armor Stand
  • Added Armor_Stand Disguise
  • Added Angry option to Wolf disguise

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Added lots of error checking
  • Further improved support for Bukkit 1.6 and 1.7 servers
  • Further improved compatibility with Cauldron servers
  • Fixed NPE caused by <trigger> variables in skills executed without a trigger
  • Fixed circular dependency issue involving SkillAPI and BetonQuest
  • Fixed NPE with EnchantPlus compatibility
  • Fixed disguises occasionally just being invisible
  • Fixed disguised mob's names not showing
  • Fixed disguise names not being run through color and variable parsing.
  • Fixed NPE caused by wolf collar color not being set
  • Fixed Shoot skill throwing errors and not properly applying damage.
  • Fixed NPE error thrown on certain disguises with certain display names
  • Fixed a couple disguise errors, added some error catching
  • Fixed NPE caused by @TargetLocation targeter when mob is using threat
  • Fixed some variables not working in mob names
  • Fixed certain trigger variables not working correctly on a mob's death



  • Added support for 1.8.4


  • Added “/mm mob spawnsilent <mob>” command at request

Item Spray Effect

  • Added options to ItemSpray skill: Radius, yVelocity, yOffset
  • Fixed some performance issues
Projectile Skill
  • Added “type” attribute to Projectile skill
    • Type defaults to NORMAL and can be set to METEOR
    • METEOR Projectiles fall from the sky above the target, using the heightFromSurface attribute
  • Added “targetYOffset” parameter to Projectile skill
SetStance Skill
  • SetStance skill can now target other Mythic Mobs aside from the caster
ShootFireball Skill
  • Added “smallFireball=[true/false]” option to ShootFireball skill
Summon Skill
  • Added yRadius, yRadiusOnlyUp options to Summon Skill
  • Improved summon skill algorithm.

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Improved support for Bukkit 1.6 and 1.7 servers
  • Improved included example files for everything
  • Added lots of missing aliases for various skill attributes
  • Fixed a calculation error in Threat Tables caused by players zoning to a different world right as a threat tick occurs.
  • Fixed some errors with the Fireball skill not always being fired towards the target
  • Fixed bug causing meta skills to have their inherited targets cleared
  • Fixed instance of projectile skill hitting the casting mob
  • Fixed /mm reload not removing default mob configurations that have been deleted
  • Fixed a calculation error in ThreatTables caused by players zoning to a different world at the same moment a threat tick occurs
  • Fixed “blockdust” and “blockcrack” particle types.
  • Fixed ItemSpray items not despawning and being able to be picked up in rare cases after a chunk reload
  • Fixed the Mount skill not working correctly if the rider was loaded before the mount


We recommend deleting and regenerating your config.yml!

NOTICE: v2.0.0 contains several entirely-rewritten systems. Please read the documentation and make sure your skills and configs have been updated correctly before posting bug reports. While I will answer and fix bugs, it is up to you to read the documentation to ensure things have been updated correctly. MythicMobs staff will generally no longer provide support with non-bug related issues.

If you would like support with updating and non-bug related issues, please consider supporting continued development by subscribing to our MythicMobs Patreon! Subscribers can receive additional help with upgrading and help learning what's new, all while feeling good knowing that they are helping MythicMobs progress into the future.


  • Added 1.8.3 support
  • Added 1.8.0 support

"Default" Mob Configs

You can now alter the stats of default vanilla mobs without using RandomSpawning (what an idea!). It is as simple as using the MobType as the name of the type of mobs you want to alter!

Here are some valid examples:

  Health: 100
  Damage: 10
    MovementSpeed: 0.3
    FollowRange: 100

  Health: 250
  Damage: 1000
  - experience 99999

Improved Skill System

  • The skill system has been completely recoded the Skills: section is now used for the new skill types.
  • Old skills can still be used under the LegacySkills: section of configs. The old skills will NOT work under the Skills section anymore.
  • The new option syntax is a lot more straight-forward and should help a lot of people who found the old system confusing.
  • The new targeter option opens up a lot more possibilities for how skills can target things.

The syntax for skills has changed slightly. All skills now have the following form: - skill{option1=val;option2=val;etc} @target ~onTrigger =[healthmod] [chance]

  • SKILL is the skill's name
  • {options} are the skill's options.
  • target is the skill's target
  • trigger is the trigger, same as currently
  • healthmod is the same with 1 exception, health ranges must be prefixed with a = now also such as =25%-50%
  • chance is the same

If you are having trouble wrapping your head around this then here is an example:

- potion{type=SLOW;lvl=5;d=60} @Self ~onDamaged

this would put the SLOW potion effect on the mob when it takes damage.


At the moment there are two types of targeters, ENTITY and LOCATION targeters. Some skills can now target either entities, locations, or a lot can target both.

Here are some targeters added so far:

  • @Self
  • @Target
  • @TargetLocation
  • @PlayersInRadius{r=#}
  • @PlayersInRing{min=#,max=#}
  • @PlayersInWorld
  • @LivingEntitiesInRadius{r=#}
  • @LivingEntitiesInWorld
  • @Location{x=#;y=#;z=#}

A full list is available in the plugin manual. Many more will come in the future including @Line, @Cone, etc.


The syntax for mob variables has changed significantly in strings.

For example: Instead of $mobname, it is now <mob.name>

Special characters have also changed. For example, for a colon instead of &co; it is now <&co>

Read the manual for a full list of new variables available.

More Examples

- effect:particles{cooldown=5;particle=flame;amount=200;vSpread=1;hSpread=2;Speed=0;yoffset=2} @self @onTimer:20
- skill{s=Fireball} @target
- particles{p=reddust;a=25;hs=0.5;vs=1;s=0.5;y=0.5} @self
- delay 10
- particleline{p=reddust;a=2;hs=0.1;vs=0.1;s=0;y=0.5;db=0.1} @target
- damage{amount=20} @target


  • Added Options.RabbitType field using Spigot's Rabbit.Type ENUM

Types found here: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/entity/Rabbit.Type.html

  • Sheep option Options.Color now uses the String color value instead of an integer.

Item Improvements


You can now use vanilla item names when adding equipment to mobs and no longer have to create a Mythic Item for each equipable if you don't want to do anything fancy.

New Options
  • Options.Unbreakable: true
  • Options.HideFlags: true

For banner items you can now specify banner layers using the following syntax: <TownBanner: Id: banner Display: '&aTown Banner' Options: Color: WHITE BannerLayers: - [dye color] [banner pattern type] - YELLOW CURLY_BORDER - ORANGE CIRCLE_MIDDLE - ORANGE TRIANGLES_BOTTOM - ORANGE TRIANGLES_TOP <


The colors and the PatternType are both directly from the Spigot enums which can be found here:


For potions you can now specify potion effects to make custom potions using the following syntax. <SpecialBrew: Id: potion Display: '&aSpecial Brew' PotionEffects: - [type] [duration] [level] - SLOW 600 2 - BLINDNESS 600 1 - CONFUSION 600 1 <


Potion Effect types can be found here:


  • Added ActivationRange attribute - Defines how close a player must be for a spawner to activate, defaults to 40 blocks.
  • Added ResetThreatOnLeash attribute - self-explanatory.


Threat Tables

Added ThreatTable API methods, located at net.elseland.xikage.MythicMobs.API.ThreatTables

  • addThreat(Entity mob, LivingEntity target, double amount)
  • reduceThreat(Entity mob, LivingEntity target, double amount)
  • taunt(Entity mob, LivingEntity target) - forces the mob to attack target and sets target's threat to 110% of the current highest target's


Lib's Disguises
  • Added Sheep Disguise, uses mob's Color option for its color
  • Added Silverfish Disguise
  • Updated for 1.8.3

Disguise Configuration

A new more intuitive way of configuring disguises has been added. The old way still works for now.

You now configure disguises like this:

  Type: ZOMBIE
  Health: 100
    Type: SHEEP

  Type: ZOMBIE
  Health: 100
    Type: PLAYER
    Player: Ashijin
    Skin: Notch

More information available in the plugin manual.

  • Updated to latest version of MythicDrops
  • Updated to support SkillAPI 3
World Guard
  • Updated World Guard to 6.0.0

Bug Fixes/Other

  • Greatly enhanced garbage collection to increase performance
  • Fixed a possible cause of the Quests module breaking
  • Fixed many assorted bugs
  • Possible other changes I have forgotten, it is a large release…

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