• The command to give MythicMobs-items can now accept an amount


  • Updated to Spigot 1.8.8. Removed support for 1.7_R1, 1.7_R2, 1.7_R3, 1.8_R1, and 1.8_R2.
  • Support remains for 1.6_R3, 1.7_R4 and 1.8_R3 of course.

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Equipping a mob with AIR now successfully prevents it from having random equipment…
  • Fixed some Threat Table bugs
  • Fixed Silverfish despawning even when PReventBlockInfection is set to true
  • Fixed the Level condition doing nothing
  • Fixed Cooldown and Warmup timer on spawners not saving through reloads
  • Fixed the Heal mechanic reviving dead mobs
  • Fixed some console errors caused by players having recently changed worlds
  • Fixed LegacySkills failing due to async errors
  • Fixed a mob adding itself to its own threat table when damaging itself


Bug Fixes / Other

  • Changed a large portion of mob skills to run async for a huge performance boost
  • Fixed ThreatTables not working on some versions of Spigot
  • Fixed mob melee/arrow damage not being applied correctly
  • Fixed Heroes exp message not parsing variables correctly


Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed some crippling bugs that somehow wormed their way into 2.1.6
  • Reduced overhead when dealing with non-Mythic mobs on large servers
  • Fixed KillAll command always showing 0 mobs killed


Skills / Effects

  • Added “fromOrigin=true” option to ParticleLine skill
  • Added <&heart> and <&skull> for use in skill strings


  • Added future support for MythicChampions plugin with “champions-exp #” drop type

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed <trigger.name> always returning “Unknown”
  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException with spawners
  • Fixed an NPE with MaxCombatDistance option
  • Fixed @PlayersNearOrigin targeter not functioning correctly
  • Fixed <mob.php> (percentage hp) variable always returning 0
  • Fixed Kill Messages not functioning properly
  • Fixed some other minor bugs with spawners


Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed some compatibility issues with 1.7
  • Fixed SendTitle skill not targeting players
  • Fixed ThreatTables breaking when a mob targets a non-player that dies.
  • Fixed KillAll command not working with radius
  • Fixed RandomSkill never selecting the last skill in the list
  • Fixed bugs with @Location targeter
  • Removed some annoying debugging code


Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed a critical bug with equipment not equipping
  • Fixed a few other bugs with drop tables
  • Fixed item ranges in drop tables not using the far upper bound of a range
  • Fixed vanilla mobs not having level scaling applied correctly
  • Fixed compatibility issues with a couple other plugins


Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed particles not working on non-1.8 servers
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with EchoPet
  • Fixed display errors with ParticleBox effect
  • Fixed display errors with ParticleSphere effect
  • Fixed the last entry in the RandomMessage skill never displaying
  • Fixed MaxItems not taking effect until the end of a DropTable is reached



  • Refactored large sections of the plugin to improve performance and to prepare for Sponge support.
    • Please test thoroughly before deploying to live servers!
  • Changed the format of config.yml to match the rest of the plugin. The old format will continue to work, but it is suggested that you regenerate your config.yml for access to some new options.


Immunity Tables
  • Added new per-world level scaling options to config.yml for scaling mob level based on distance from the spawn
  • Added new default LevelModifier options to config.yml for auto-scaling mobs as they level up.
  • Added several new Level Modifiers:
    • Armor - each point of the “armor” stat a mob has reduces damage taken by that flat amount.
    • Power - certain skills, mainly damage, are multiplied by a mob's “power”.
  • Added Options.Silent: (true/false) - causes the mob to not make any sounds
  • Added Options.NoDamageTicks: (integer) - sets how many ticks a mob is immune after taking damage (default is 10)


  • Non-combat skills can once again target Creative players (i.e. message skills)
  • Combat skills will no longer target players in Spectator mode
  • Made skill formatting more flexible.
    • See the RandomMessage skill for an example.
Added Prison Skill
  • Encases the target entity inside of X block for Y ticks.

- prison{type=IRON_BLOCK;duration=200;breakable=true} @Target

Added Particle Sphere Effect
Added Particle Box Effect
Added RandomMessage Skill

Sends a random message to the targets. Uses a list of messages in quotes defined with the messages attribute.

No it doesn't have to be formatted like this, but this shows off a good reason I made the syntax more flexible!

  - randommessage{
        "message 1",
        "message 2",
        "message 3";
    } @PIR{r=20} ~onInteract
  - someotherskill

Added Spin Effect

Makes the target spin.

- spin{duration=#;velocity=#} @target

Added TeleportTo Effect

Teleports the target to a defined location. If world is not defined it will use the current world, and if the coordinates are not defined but the world is, it will teleport the player to their current location in a different world.

- teleportto{world=WORLD;coordinates=X,Y,Z} @target

Summon Skill
  • Added options:
    • copyThreatTable=true - Summoned mobs spawn with a copy of the parent's threat table
    • inheritThreatTable=true - Summoned mobs share the summoner's threat table

Skill Targeters

Added new targeters:

  • @PlayersInThreatTable

Items & Drop Tables

  • Added TotalDrops, MinDrops and MaxDrops options to DropTables.
    • If TotalDrops is set, that many items will drop from the table
    • MinDrops and MaxDrops will set minimums and maximums on the # of item drops
    • These options do not apply to experience or non-tangible drops, only items.
  • Drop Tables can now drop other Drop Tables just by referencing their name
  • Drop Tables now support a DropsPerLevel section that will be called for each level the dying mob is above 1.


  • Spawners now use real-time instead of ticks, so spawner timers will now be accurate and unaffected by lag.
  • Added options for adjusting a spawner's internal cooldown


  • Added threatwithin # condition - true if a ThreatTable target is within # blocks.


  • Items generated by MythicMobs should now be compatible with Shopkeepers

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed particle effects not rendering smoothly
  • Fixed damage not always being properly tied to the casting mob
  • Fixed damage piercing armor on Spigot
  • Fixed colors not working in player disguises
  • Fixed health modifiers so that ranges can be in any order
  • Fixed NPE caused by a forced combat drop not clearing the mob's threat table completely.
  • Fixed bug thrown by Denizen when summoning mobs via a command
  • Fixed many other small bugs

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