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 +Due to lots of bug fixing and time constraints,​ 2.2.0 has been split into multiple updates so that we can get important bug fixes out faster. Because of this, the condition update will be pushed back to 2.3. For now, enjoy Vanilla Targeters!
 +===Vanilla Targeters===
 +You can now use vanilla "​command block" targeters in MythicMobs skills! These function //exactly// how they do in-game, and support all of the same options, attributes, and everything, including scoreboard interactions.
 +  * @a, @e, @p, and @r are all supported!
 +  * options for vanilla targeters go inside []'s just like in command blocks.
 +    * i.e. **@a[x=100,​y=64,​z=-100,​c=10,​r=5]** is a valid vanilla targeter
 +    * **@a[x=1,​y=64,​z=-18,​dx=3,​dy=4,​dz=19,​team=!TEAM1,​score_ASD_min=19,​score_ASD=20,​m=1]** is also valid
 +  * Added **Persistent:​ true/​false** - Setting to true will cause the mob to not only never despawn, but will be completely immune to ///mm m killall// also. Useful for mobs who should really never ever die. Mobs with this still despawn if **Despawn: true** is set
 +==General Options==
 +  * Added **repeat=X** and **repeatInterval=Y** attributes to all mechanics.
 +    * Setting both will make that line repeat X times every Y ticks.
 +==Skill Mechanic==
 +  * Added **forceSync** attribute, defaults to false. ​
 +    * The skill called and all subsequent skills called under it will be synchronized instead of being asynchronous.
 +    * Useful for extremely time-sensitive skills that MUST be in order down to the tick.
 +    * May fix certain timing-related bugs that have occured since 2.1.2
 +    * Only works on Skill-Skills
 +    * Defaults to false
 +==Pull Mechanic==
 +  * Added **toOrigin** attribute, defaults to false. Set to true to pull targets to the skill origin instead of the caster in advanced skills.
 +==NEW: Missile Mechanic==
 +Similar to the Projectile skill, but fires a "​homing missile"​ instead of a static projectile, with configurable inertia.
 +==NEW: Totem Mechanic==
 +Similar to the Projectile skill. Creates a static "​totem"​ that does not move, instead staying still and pulsing effects in an area around it. Be be given a duration and/or charges.
 +==NEW: Velocity Mechanic==
 +Changes a player'​s velocity directly using x/y/z vectors.
 +==NEW: BlockMask Effect==
 +A powerful effect that sends "​fake"​ block updates to the target location. Allows you to create more intense effects, such as making an area hit by a fireball appear to turn into black coal and fire, or blocks appearing to be destroyed. Relogging resets the blocks to normal. Can be configured with a duration. ​
 +==NEW: BlockUnmask Effect==
 +Undoes the BlockMask Effect in an area.
 +  * Added <​mob.stance>​ variable
 +==NEW: @WolfOwner==
 +==NEW: Vanilla Targeters==
 +See first section.
 +===Bug Fixes / Other===
 +  * Fixed mobs despawning even if **Despawn: true** is set
 +  * Fixed @trigger not clearing inherited targets
 +  * Fixed ARMOR_STANDs not supporting ~onInteract triggers
 +  * Fixed cooldowns so they can now accept fractions
 +  * Fixed a couple Legacy skills not working anymore
 +  * Fixed Custom KillMessages not working when killed by projectiles
 +  * Fixed head items not displaying their display names
 +  * Fixed a ThreatTable target event error could spam the console
 +  * Fixed numerous other bugs