Please note that 2.3.0 is NOT compatible with Spigot 1.9. Upcoming version 2.4.0 will provide full 1.9 compability.

If you have any questions regarding this release, please use this topic: http://www.mythicmobs.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=916

Random Spawning

Random Spawners have been redone to use a new system added to MythicMobs for generating spawn points, rather than using the points of vanilla mobs. This only applies to Action: ADD, and Action: REPLACE will continue functioning the old way.

All mobs using Action: ADD for Random Spawns will now have a chance to be spawned at a random point within a certain radius near any player. The settings for this are highly configurable, including points-per-second generated per player, spawning radius near players, Y-radius, minimum-ranges, and all previously available conditions. The system also includes a setting for limiting mobs-per-chunk.

If the new ADD-action doesn't work for you after updating to 2.3, add this random spawn to your server and it will be fixed: http://hastebin.com/enumubotox.apache . This bug has been fixed in the upcoming (2.4) MythicMobs release.

What does this mean for you? It means random spawns can occur in lighted areas as well, instead of being limited to only where vanilla mobs can spawn.

This system runs asynchronously, so servers with multiple cores will see zero performance loss for using it. For sngle-core servers, there will be an option to turn the new point generator off if necessary to use the old system.

Relevant config.yml options:

  GenerateSpawnPoints: false
  MaxMobsPerChunk: 80
  SpawnRadiusPerPlayer: 64
  SpawnRadiusPerPlayerY: 32
  DespawnLazyRandomMobs: true
    Land: 10
    Air: 0
    Sea: 0
    Lava: 0
    Ground: 0
Backwards Compatibility Issues

All Random Spawners using Action: ADD that were created before this update will no longer only spawn in “low light” areas, so if you need mobs to follow that behavior, you will need to add a lightlevel condition to these spawns.

Mob Type & Level

Mob types and levels are now stored using scoreboards (using the objectives “MythicMobType” and “MythicMobLevel”, for anyone who cares). This has allowed us to more accurately persist mob types and levels thru restart when using Despawn: False, which is especially useful for creating custom levelable pets based on wolves.

This also means that having a display name for mobs is no longer required.

Signal Skill & Trigger

NEW: Signal

This update includes a powerful new set of tools called “signals”. Using signal skills and triggers you can now easily send messages between mobs. Doing so is very simple:

  - signal{signal=healme} @MobsInRadius{type=HealerMob;r=20}
  - skill{skill=healyskill} @trigger ~onSignal:healme

You can even send signals to mobs using commands!

/mm signal <UUID> <signal>

There is even a handy “lastsignal” condition you can use to read the last signal a mob received. If you don't specify a signal in the ~onSignal trigger, it will fire for any signal, which can then be filtered with the condition.

Scoreboard Skills

NEW: ModifyGlobalScore
NEW: ModifyMobScore
NEW: ModifyScore
NEW: ModifyTargetScore
NEW: SetGlobalScore
NEW: SetMobScore
NEW: SetScore
NEW: SetTargetScore


NEW: SetLevel Skill

No-Target skill that can only target the caster

NEW: BaseDamage Skill
NEW: HealPercent Skill
Damage & Consume Skills
Missile Skill
Particle Effects
  • Added color attribute to all particle effects that support it
  • mobSpell, mobSpellAmbient, and reddust particles can now be colorized.
TeleportTo Skill


NEW: LastSignal
NEW: Score
NEW: ScoreGlobal
NEW: ScoreMob
NEW: ScoreTarget


  • Added <random.min-max> variable which will be replaced by a random number in the given range.
  • Added <mob.owner.name> variable which returns the name of the wolf owner.
  • Added <mob.owner.uuid> variable which returns the uuid of the wolf owner.
  • Added <mob.score.objective> variable which returns the casting mobs score in the given objective.
    • For example <mob.score.hits> will return the mobs score from the objective “hits”
  • Added <target.score.objective> variable which returns the targeters score in the given objective.
    • For example <target.score.kills> will return the @targeters score from the objective “kills”
  • Added <trigger.score.objective> variable which returns the skills-trigger score in the given objective.
  • Added <global.score.objective> variable which returns the globals score in the given objective.
  • Added <score.objective.dummyname> variable which returns the given dummynames score in the given objective.
    • For example <score.deaths.fakeplayer> will return “fakeplayer”s score from the objective “deaths”

Bugs / Other

  • Changed several more skills to always run synchronously, thus fixing all the async errors that popped up since version 2.2.
  • If you can still find any async related issues definitly make sure to report them!
  • Spawners now leash to the center of the block instead of the corner
  • Fixed several random async errors being thrown in the console
  • Fixed NPE in Projectile skill
  • Fixed typo in missile inertia attribute
  • Fixed wolves losing their attributes after being tamed
  • Fixed horse armor in disguises
  • Removed manual garbage collection to improve performance

Manual Page Updates

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