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 +''​Please note that 2.3.0 is NOT compatible with Spigot 1.9. Upcoming version 2.4.0 will provide full 1.9 compability.''​
 +If you have any questions regarding this release, please use this topic: http://​www.mythicmobs.net/​forum/​viewtopic.php?​f=1&​t=916
 +===Random Spawning===
 +Random Spawners have been redone to use a new system added to MythicMobs for generating spawn points, rather than using the points of vanilla mobs. This only applies to **Action: ADD**, and **Action: REPLACE** will continue functioning the old way.
 +All mobs using **Action: ADD** for Random Spawns will now have a chance to be spawned at a random point within a certain radius near any player. The settings for this are highly configurable,​ including points-per-second generated per player, spawning radius near players, Y-radius, minimum-ranges,​ and all previously available conditions. The system also includes a setting for limiting mobs-per-chunk.
 +''​If the new ADD-action doesn'​t work for you after updating to 2.3, add this random spawn to your server and it will be fixed: http://​hastebin.com/​enumubotox.apache . This bug has been fixed in the upcoming (2.4) MythicMobs release.''​
 +What does this mean for you? It means random spawns can occur in lighted areas as well, instead of being limited to only where vanilla mobs can spawn.
 +This system runs asynchronously,​ so servers with multiple cores will see zero performance loss for using it. For sngle-core servers, there will be an option to turn the new point generator off if necessary to use the old system.
 +Relevant config.yml options:
 +  RandomSpawning:​
 +    GenerateSpawnPoints:​ false
 +    MaxMobsPerChunk:​ 80
 +    SpawnRadiusPerPlayer:​ 64
 +    SpawnRadiusPerPlayerY:​ 32
 +    DespawnLazyRandomMobs:​ true
 +    PointsPerSecond:​
 +      Land: 10
 +      Air: 0
 +      Sea: 0
 +      Lava: 0
 +      Ground: 0
 +      ​
 +==Backwards Compatibility Issues==
 +All Random Spawners using **Action: ADD** that were created before this update will no longer only spawn in "low light" areas, so if you need mobs to follow that behavior, you will need to add a lightlevel condition to these spawns.
 +===Mob Type & Level===
 +Mob types and levels are now stored using scoreboards (using the objectives "​MythicMobType"​ and "​MythicMobLevel",​ for anyone who cares). This has allowed us to more accurately persist mob types and levels thru restart when using **Despawn: False**, which is especially useful for creating custom levelable pets based on wolves.
 +This also means that having a display name for mobs is no longer required.
 +===Signal Skill & Trigger===
 +==NEW: Signal==
 +  * [[skills:​mechanics:​signal|Signal manual page]] ​
 +This update includes a powerful new set of tools called "​signals"​. Using signal skills and triggers you can now easily send messages between mobs. Doing so is very simple:
 +  BossMob:
 +    Skills:
 +    - signal{signal=healme} @MobsInRadius{type=HealerMob;​r=20}
 +  HealerMob:
 +    Skills:
 +    - skill{skill=healyskill} @trigger ~onSignal:​healme
 +You can even send signals to mobs using commands!
 +  /mm signal <​UUID>​ <​signal>​
 +  ​
 +There is even a handy "​lastsignal"​ condition you can use to read the last signal a mob received. If you don't specify a signal in the ~onSignal trigger, it will fire for //any// signal, which can then be filtered with the condition.
 +===Scoreboard Skills===
 +==NEW: ModifyGlobalScore==
 +  * [[skills:​mechanics:​modifyglobalscore|ModifyGlobalScore manual page]]
 +==NEW: ModifyMobScore==
 +  * [[skills:​mechanics:​modifymobscore|ModifyMobScore manual page]]
 +==NEW: ModifyScore==
 +  * [[skills:​mechanics:​modifyscore|ModifyScore manual page]]
 +==NEW: ModifyTargetScore==
 +  * [[skills:​mechanics:​modifytargetscore|ModifyTargetScore manual page]]
 +==NEW: SetGlobalScore==
 +==NEW: SetMobScore==
 +==NEW: SetScore==
 +==NEW: SetTargetScore==
 +==NEW: SetLevel Skill==
 +No-Target skill that can only target the caster
 +  * [[skills:​mechanics:​setlevel|SetLevel manual page]] ​
 +==NEW: BaseDamage Skill==
 +  * Deals a percentage of the mobs damage.
 +  * [[skills:​mechanics:​basedamage|BaseDamage manual page]] ​
 +==NEW: HealPercent Skill==
 +  * Heals the target for a percentage of its max health.
 +  * [[skills:​mechanics:​healpercent|HealPercent manual page]] ​
 +==Damage & Consume Skills==
 +  * Added preventKnockback and preventImmunity options to Damage/​Consume
 +  * [[skills:​mechanics:​damage|Damage manual page]]
 +  * [[skills:​mechanics:​consume|Consume manual page]]
 +==Missile Skill==
 +  * Added fromOrigin option to Missile skill
 +  * [[skills:​mechanics:​missile|Missile manual page]]
 +==Particle Effects==
 +  * Added color attribute to all particle effects that support it
 +  * mobSpell, mobSpellAmbient,​ and reddust particles can now be colorized.
 +  effect:​particles{p=reddust;​color=#​FF00FF}
 +==TeleportTo Skill==
 +  * Added yaw and pitch options to TeleportTo mechanic
 +  * [[skills:​mechanics:​teleportto|TeleportTo manual page]]
 +  * [[:​conditions:​start|Conditions manual page]]
 +==NEW: LastSignal==
 +==NEW: Score==
 +==NEW: ScoreGlobal==
 +==NEW: ScoreMob==
 +==NEW: ScoreTarget==
 +  * Added <​random.min-max>​ variable which will be replaced by a random number in the given range.
 +  * Added <​mob.owner.name>​ variable which returns the name of the wolf owner.
 +  * Added <​mob.owner.uuid>​ variable which returns the uuid of the wolf owner.
 +  * Added <​mob.score.objective>​ variable which returns the casting mobs score in the given objective.
 +    * For example <​mob.score.hits>​ will return the mobs score from the objective "​hits"​
 +  * Added <​target.score.objective>​ variable which returns the targeters score in the given objective.
 +    * For example <​target.score.kills>​ will return the @targeters score from the objective "​kills"​
 +  * Added <​trigger.score.objective>​ variable which returns the skills-trigger score in the given objective.
 +  * Added <​global.score.objective>​ variable which returns the globals score in the given objective.
 +  * Added <​score.objective.dummyname>​ variable which returns the given dummynames score in the given objective.
 +    * For example <​score.deaths.fakeplayer>​ will return "​fakeplayer"​s score from the objective "​deaths"​
 +===Bugs / Other===
 +  * Changed several more skills to always run synchronously,​ thus fixing all the async errors that popped up since version 2.2.
 +  * If you can still find any async related issues **definitly** make sure to report them!
 +  * Spawners now leash to the center of the block instead of the corner
 +  * Fixed several random async errors being thrown in the console
 +  * Fixed NPE in Projectile skill
 +  * Fixed typo in missile inertia attribute
 +  * Fixed wolves losing their attributes after being tamed
 +  * Fixed horse armor in disguises
 +  * Removed manual garbage collection to improve performance
 +===Manual Page Updates===
 +  * Extensive updates have been made to the manual pages.
 +  * Includes features from MythicMobs that were previously undocumented
 +  * Manual suggestions/​requests are accepted in this topic: http://​www.mythicmobs.net/​forum/​viewtopic.php?​f=6&​t=907
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