Minecraft 1.11 Support

Support for the latest release version of Minecraft, the 1.11 update, has been added to MythicMobs. This includes support for the interesting new mob types that have been added, and of course also the new particle effects!



NEW: Vindicator

  • Added the Vindication Illager aka Vindicator as supported MythicMob.

NEW: Evoker

  • Added the Evocation Illager aka Evoker as supported MythicMob.

NEW: Vex

  • Added the Vex as supported MythicMob.

NEW: Llama

  • Added the Llama aka Llama as supported MythicMob.



  • Added support for the SPIT particles.


  • Added support for the TOTEM particles.

Other / Bugfixes

  • Fixed Potion item config not working for SPLASH_POTION and TIPPED_ARROW.
  • Fixed NPE in Threat mechanic
  • Threat table adjustments
  • Fixed issues with targeters
  • Fixed issue with faction tracking
  • Fixed monster target filter


Libs Disguises

  • Should now work with v9.0.9

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed despawning mobs being stored in the scoreboard
  • Fixed mobs not always unregistering from the scoreboard on death
  • Fixed JSONMessages on 1.10
  • Fixed ActionMessages with certain targeters
  • Fixed spawner leashing delay being too long
  • Fixed onInteract firing a 2nd time for the offhand on 1.9+



Minecraft 1.10 Support

2.5.0 is fully compatible with 1.10!

MiniaturePets Support

MythicMobs now supports the plugin MiniaturePets! https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/miniaturepets.23991/

MiniaturePets allows you to create custom “pet” models using various tools, and now with MythicMobs, you can turn these custom pets into powerful bosses!

This opens up a huge amount of customization for your mobs.

Note that currently movement speed of pets cannot be modified, and that it is incredibly high. Hopefully the MPet developers will fix this in future.


Using MiniaturePets support is easy.

  Type: MPET
    Type: <type>
    Anchor: <invisible "base" mob type>
    ShowName: <true/false>

For example, you could create an AngryPug mob using the “Pug” mob type MPets has:

  Type: MPET
    Type: PUG
    Anchor: SPIDER
    ShowName: true
  Display: 'Angry Pug'


New Types

  • HUSK


  • Options.Invulnerable
  • Options.NoGravity

AI Goals

  • Fixed AI goal goToOwner not navigating vertically up blocks
  • Changed AI goal goToOwner argument from speed to follow distance
  • Added custom AI goal skeletonBowShoot
    • Implements skeleton's advanced bow and moving AI



NEW: PoseArmorStand

NEW: Remount

  • Remounts the mob the caster originally spawned riding, if it is still alive

NEW: SetGliding


NEW: EnderBeam

ItemSpray Effect

  • Added allowPickup option

Particle Effects

  • Added fallingdust particle



All targeters can now have filters to filter out what kind of entities you are trying to target.

There are used with two new options (available on ANY targeter):

  • ignore=X (the more useful of the two)
  • target=X (not as useful, most things are targeted by default)


  1. damage{a=20} @EntitiesInRadius{r=10;ignore=players,animals}

Possible filters include:

  • players
  • creative
  • spectators
  • NPC (Citzen NPCs)
  • animals
  • monsters
  • creatures
  • watermobs
  • flyingmobs
  • More coming later…

NEW: @Cone

Returns #points target locations that comprise a cone


  • angle - the angle of the cone
  • range - the range of the cone
  • points - the number of “points” that comprise the cone
  • rotation - the 360-degree rotation of the cone around the casting mob

NEW: @EntitiesInCone

Targets entities in a cone


  • angle - the angle of the cone
  • range - the range of the cone
  • rotation - the 360-degree rotation of the cone around the casting mob

NEW: @Line

Targets locations/points in a line (for creating line effects)

NEW: @EntitiesInLine

Targets all entities in a line

NEW: @Mount

Targets the mount that the mob spawned riding



  • Triggered the first time a mob is spawned from a spawner after the cooldown/warmup period has ended.
  • Does not trigger when the mob respawns (as opposed to onSpawn which triggers every time)
  • Can be used for things like announcing to the server a boss has spawned when combined with setting a spawner's checkForPlayers option to false


  • Triggered when any player in the world dies for any reason


NEW: MiniaturePets

Libs Disguises

  • Improved pre-1.9 LibsDisguises compatibility

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Added file path information to command /mm m info
  • Disabled friendly fire and threat for same-faction mobs
  • Fixed issue with ItemSpray effect
  • Fixed various spawner issues
  • Fixed bug with NoCheatPlus compatibility
  • Fixed PreventMobKillDrops clearing drops from players
  • Fixed threat tables being able to have negative threat values
  • Fixed creative or spectator mode players being put on threat tables
  • Fixed enchanted books not working properly
  • Fixed mobs being able to attack their owners
  • Fixed AI goal goToOwner not navigating vertically up blocks
  • Fixed ConcurrentModification issue with Projectile mechanic
  • Fixed ConcurrentModification issue with Missile mechanic
  • Fixed onHit Projectile, Missile, and Totem mechanics executing with 0 power
  • Fixed NPE in EquipmentManager
  • Fixed mob melee damage not being scaled with level
  • Fixed bug with targets bleeding between mechanics executed concurrently
  • Fixed bug with targets bleeding between mechanics executed concurrently
  • Fixed SpinEffect animator running async
  • Fixed mob name not displaying variables on death
  • Fixed BossBar title text not displaying variables

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