NEW Feature: HealthBars

Now MythicMobs supports adding hologram healthbars that appear under your mob's name! Using this feature is simple.

  Type: SPIDER
  Display: 'HealthBar Spider'
    Enabled: true
    Offset: 1.45 # Height value, can be negative

This feature requires the Holograms plugin: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/holograms.4924/

NEW Feature: Nameplates

Nameplates allow you to extend the nameplates of Player-disguise mobs, which are normally limited to 16 characters. To use this, simply have Holograms installed and then leave out the “Player” field in your disguise (skin is still required!). If you don't specify the player field, it will use the Display field instead using a custom nameplate.

  Type: skeleton
  Display: "this display name is too long for players normally"
    Type: player
    Skin: Kurdie

This feature requires LibsDisguises and the Holograms plugin: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/holograms.4924/


  • Added Mobs.DespawnByDefault option to config.yml
  • Added Mobs.PreventOtherDropsByDefault option to config.yml



  • Fixed the custom EnderDragon's AI on 1.9+


NEW: ConsumeHeldItem

Consumes # of the item the player is holding in their hand. Can be used to make consumable items in the Artifacts add-on.

  1. consumeHeldItem{amount=1} @trigger

NEW: Decapitate

Drops the target player's head. Only works on players (for now).

NEW: GiveCurrency

Gives the target player X Vault currency. Requires Vault and an economy plugin.

  1. giveCurrency{amount=#} @target

NEW: Glow Effect

Causes the target to get the Glow effect with a certain color for # of ticks. Requires GlowAPI.

  1. effect:glow{color=RED;duration=1000}

NEW: PercentDamage

Deals damage equal to a percent of the player's max health, where 1 is 100%. Has the same options as the Damage mechanic.

  1. percentDamage{percent=0.5}

Particle Effects

  • Added directional and directionReversed options to Particles
  • Causes certain particles to move at # speed
  • Direction is based on the origin's location to the target's location.


  • Now grants wolf ownership to target if caster is a wolf

Fixed Mechanics

  • Made ShootFireball,ShootPotion,ShootSkull usable w/Location targeters
  • Fixed Fixed forwardOffset on Projectiles


NEW: Mounted

NEW: MythicMobType

NEW: HasCurrency

Returns true if the player has X vault currency. Requires Vault and an economy plugin.

  1. hascurrency <amount>

NEW: HasInventorySpace

NEW: HasPermission

Returns true if the player has X permission.

  1. haspermission <permission>

NEW: TCBiome

Returns true if the location matches the specified TerrainControl biome. Can be matched loosely or strictly (loosely by default).

  1. tcbiome Forest (Matches any TerrainControl biome whose name contains FOREST)
  2. tcbiome{biome=TropicalDesert;strict=true} Would match only TropicalDesert, not TropicalDesertBorder

Fixed Conditions

Fixed conditions that did not port over properly in 4.0, including:

  • PlayerWithin
  • PlayerNotWithin
  • TargetWithin
  • TargetNotWithin

Random Spawning

Random Spawns now use the new condition system, which should result in a significant performance increase for lower-end servers.



  • Required for the new HealthBar and Nameplate features

Libs' Disguises

Added missing Disguises:

  • Llama with options:
    • Disguise.HasSaddle: true/false
    • Disguise.CarryingChest: true/false
    • Disguise.Grazing: true/false
  • PolarBear
  • Shulker
  • Shulker_Bullet
  • Vex


  • Required for the TCBiome condition, documented above.


  • Required for new Currency-based mechanics and conditions.

Bugs / Other

  • Fixed mythicmobs.admin not granting access to all perms
  • Fixed mythicmobs.command.* not working for command perms
  • Fixed BossBar not going away when a mob despawns naturally
  • Fixed item amounts not working correctly
  • Fixed several errors with commands
  • Fixed chance not working properly in Drop Tables
  • Fixed NPE in threat tables
  • Fixed egg get command not accepting amounts
  • Fixed mobs refusing to die if killed immediately after spawning
  • Fixed NPEs with entity manager related to multi-world support
  • Fixed server crashes related to high velocities with velocity skills
  • Fixed various skill mechanic NPEs
  • Removed spammy debugging messages with repeating skills




  • Added accuracy, horizontalnoise, verticalnoise to projectile mechanic


NEW: ItemRecharging Condition

  • Evaluates if the player's item is on recharge from attacking

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed some issues with spawner behavior
  • Fixed several commands not working in the console
  • Fixed several other issues with commands
  • Fixed ItemSpray effect not working with vanilla items
  • Fixed variables and random numbers not parsing in item lore
  • Fixed @TargetLocation not working as expected for players

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