1.12 Support

1.12 Support


NEW: Illusioner

NEW: Parrot

  • Summons a parrot mob
  • Options.Color: [BLUE/CYAN/GRAY/GREEN/RED]


NEW: SetUseGravity

Turns the target's gravity on/off.

  1. setUseGravity{gravity=true/false}

NEW: SummonPassenger

Summons a mob riding the casting mob. Will boot a rider off if the mob already has a passenger.

  1. summonPassenger{type=mobtype} @trigger

BlockMask Effect

  • Added onlyAir=true option


Added options to command mechanic:

  • sudo=true / asCaster=true
  • asOP=true


NEW: @Passenger

NEW: @None

This targeter is a placeholder. Mostly useful for commands, stuff that doesn't use a target.


NEW: HasOwner

NEW: OwnerIsOnline


  • Added missing 1.11 and 1.12 disguise support

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Using /mm s resettimers with no argument will now reset all spawners
  • Added better error reporting for skills with bad configs
  • Verify mobs removed on world unload
  • Use bukkit ChatColor instead of spigot ChatColor for backwards compat
  • Removed some error messages
  • Fixed example files not generating on 1.12
  • Fixed mob eggs being usable in offhand
  • Fixed NPE in drop tables
  • Fixed NPE with boss bar
  • Fixed server crashes caused by NaN velocity values
  • Fixed skills attempting to run in worlds that are unloaded
  • Fixed bug with command mechanic
  • Fixed NPE thrown by forced targeting
  • Fixed spawner name not being reusable after removal
  • Fixed default color for Llamas not being set if color not specified
  • Fixed Profession option for baby zombie villagers

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