• Switched to bStats for Metrics
  • Added Command: /mm skills info [name]


  • You can now use percents instead of decimals when configuring drop chance in the format 10%

Bug Fixes / Other

  • API: Fixed issue with custom drops registered via API not adding to LootBag
  • API: Fixed IMultiDrop drops not being parsed when added to LootBag
  • API: Fixed several other bugs in the custom drops API
  • Rounded numbers for currency drop message
  • Fixed NPE in Holograms support
  • Fixed NPE in Give Eggs command
  • Fixed plugin not loading at all if drop is configured improperly
  • Fixed plugin not loading when compatibility issues are encountered
  • Fixed spawners never loading if world isn't loaded on startup
  • Fixed currency drops sending blank message when messages are disabled
  • Fixed several bugs with particle skill pathing
  • Fixed several other minor bugs


DropTables Update

DropTables have been completely recoded from the ground up to be much faster, more bug-free, and now include an extensive API so other plugins can add custom drop types.


  • DropTables are now preloaded on startup and consume far less CPU.
  • DropTables Conditions and TriggerConditions now use the new condition system
  • DropsPerLevel has been removed
  • New options BonusLevelItems and BonusLuckItems allow you to configure drop tables to roll additional items based on the dropper's level and the killer's luck stat. These can be decimals if you only want an additional chance per level.
  • TotalItems, MaxItems, and MinItems options are now far more reliable and more random.
  • Using TotalItems, both MaxItems and MinItems together, or any “Bonus” item options, will cause the drop table to calculate the “chance” of each item as a weight instead. Otherwise the table will be rolled normally with each entry being a chance.

Item Drops

  • Basic drops and equipment items can now be customized with basic options in-line without having to make an entire MythicItem
  • Options currently available in-line include name, data, amount, lore, and color
 - leather_chestplate{name="Dark Leather";lore="&8A vest made of darkened leather";color=BLACK} chest 1 1


  • While the old syntax works, you can now also do the following:
 - iron_sword:0
 - iron_sword:hand
 - iron_sword hand
 - iron_sword hand 1 0.1  //(you still have to enter amount before chance)//


  • For commands that get or give items, you can now specify a drop table to give entire drop tables to people.



  • asCaster option now causes command to execute w/ minecraft:execute for mobs


  • The equip mechanic can now equip multiple items or drop tables at once, separated by commas.

equip{items=“iron_sword hand, iron_helmet head, iron_boots feet”}

NEW: DropItem

DropItem (or DropItems) is a Location-targeted skill that allows you to drop an item or a DropTable at the targeted location.

  • - dropitem{item=X}

NEW: RemoveBuff

  • - removebuff{name=X}


NEW: Blocking

  • True if the target is blocking with a shield
  • - blocking

NEW: HasBuff

  • - hasbuff buffname


  • Added Options.PreventStacking: true to items
  • Options.Color: r,b,g now works for Potion items
  • Color can now use Bukkit's DyeColor names in addition to the r,g,b format for leather items


  • Added options for FIREWORK and FIREWORK_CHARGE items
  • Fore Colors and FadeColors, you can specify what colors you want using the format RED,GREEN,BLUE


  - 255,0,255
  - 0,0,0
  - 200,0,0
  Flicker: true
  Trail: true


  • Added Illusioner disguise
  • Added parrot disguise with Disguise.Color option
  • Updated to use latest LibsDisguises version
  • Improved error catching for bad disguises


  • MythicMobsDeathEvent has been changed and may require add-ons to update.
  • Plugins can now register custom drop types thru the API, similar to custom mechanics.

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Improved 1.8 support
  • Allow #-# format for ranges when no negative numbers are involved. For negatives you must still use -5to-1
  • Fixed CAST and POWER condition actions executing even if condition fails — Ash / detail
  • Fixed typos in Example Items
  • Improved item important command compatibility with 1.8
  • Fixed some errors in example files
  • Fixed PushButton mechanic not triggering redstone signal
  • Fixed particle effects not obeying viewDistance attribute
  • Fixed various issues with Orbital and ParticleOrbital mechanics
  • Fixed vanilla overrides affecting mobs that weren't spawned naturally
  • Fixed issues with item recharge tracking for Artifacts
  • Fixed several small issues and optimized Message mechanics
  • Fixed several NPEs in various conditions
  • Fixed healPercent mechanic when using negative values
  • Fixed dependency issue with Holograms support
  • Fixed NPE with @PlayertsNearTargetLocations targeter
  • Fixed several missing shorthands for various mechanic attributes
  • Fixed villager shop GUI still showing when cancelling interact event
  • Fixed the Holding condition
  • Fixed issues with @Forward targeter
  • Fixed @NearestPlayer targeting the caster if the caster is a player
  • Fixed various issues with random spawns

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