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Using Miniature Pets and MythicMobs, you can make custom-modeled mobs!


  • Download MiniaturePets from here. (Note that MiniaturePets is a premium plugin)
  • Place it in your plugins directory
  • Start your server!


Using MiniaturePets support is easy.

  Type: MPET
    Type: <type>
    Anchor: <invisible "base" mob type>
    ShowName: <true/false>

For example, you could create an AngryPug mob using the “Pug” mob type MPets has:

  Type: MPET
    Type: pug
    Anchor: SPIDER
    ShowName: true
  Display: 'Angry Pug'

Known Issues

  • The “type” field is case-sensitive and must be exactly how it appears in your MPets config file.
  • Movement speed may be irregular
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