Lore Durability [Artifacts]

Giving items custom durability using Artifacts is simple! Artifacts comes with a built-in durability system that stores durability in the item's lore.

Items with a durability lore attribute will lose durability under regular circumstances (hitting something with a weapon, taking damage with armor), and weapons will also take durability when an onUse skill is executed successfully.

Note: Durability works even if the other Lore Stats are disabled.


To add custom durability to an item, simply place a Durability line anywhere in the item's lore, like so:

- "&7Durability 5000 / 5000"

Artifacts will automatically detect this and override the item's durability.


  Id: leather_boots
  Data: 0
  Display: '&7Very Durable Leather Boots'
  - "&7Durability 5000 / 5000"

Known Issues

  • Items using the Durability lore system currently cannot be repaired. This will be added in the future.

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