Lore Stats (EXPERIMENTAL) [Artifacts]

Artifacts comes with its own Item Lore Stats-type system that is still in development. This feature is disabled by default because it is not finished, but can be enabled in the config.yml if you want to use the stats that are implemented.

Artifacts Lore Stats use a special Diminishing Returns system that is typical of most MMORPGs, in order to keep stats relatively balanced as they are gained. The base values for DR will be configurable in a future update.


To add custom Lore Stats to an item, simply place the stats anywhere in the item's lore, like so: RogueArmor:

Id: leather_helmet
- "&f+1000 Armor"
- ""
- "&7+250 Critical Strike"
- "&7+300 Dodge"

The first time the item is equipped, Artifacts will parse the lore and cache any stats it finds using custom NBT tags, so there is relatively little server performance required. Items from any plugin can be used, the stats just have to be in the lore to get picked up.

Available Lore Stats

These lore stats are currently implemented and MAY OR MAY NOT WORK.

Stat Description
Ability Power Increases the player's spellpower by a %
Ammunition Covered in its own article. Used by the Ammo system.
Armor Reduces damage taken by a %. OVERRIDES VANILLA MINECRAFT ARMOR!
Critical Strike Increases chance to Critical Strike, doing double damage.
Durability Covered in its own article. Overrides the item's durability.
Dodge Increases chance to dodge, avoiding damage entirely
Fire Resistance Reduces fire damage taken by a %. OVERRIDES VANILLA MINECRAFT RESIST!
Leech Causes a % of the player's damage to heal them.
Speed Increases movement speed by a %.

Future Stats and Attributes (Coming Soon)

Stat Description
Arrow Resistance Reduces damage from arrows by a %
Bow Damage Increases the player's bow damage by a %
Block Increases the damage blocked by a shield
Critical Damage Increases the player's critical damage by a %
Damage Increases the player's physical damage by a %
Explosion Resistance Reduces explosion damage by a %
Health Increases the player's health. Overrides item's health attribute.
Health Regen Increases the player's passive health regeneration.
??? Way of reducing fall damage.
Custom Resistances Ways to add custom resistances against certain MythicMobs skills.

Note on Armor & Resistance Enchantments

Protection enchants currently give 2% additive armor per level. Fire Protection gives 5% fire resistance per level.

Other Protection XYZ enchantments work the same currently.

Damage Resistance potion effects give 5% damage reduction per level while active, and Potions of Fire Resistance give 50% fire resistance while active.


  Id: leather_boots
  Data: 0
  Display: '&7Very Durable Leather Boots'
  - "&f+1000 Armor"
  - ""
  - "&7+250 Critical Strike"
  - "&7+300 Dodge"
  - ""
  - "&eDurability 5000 / 5000"

Known Issues

  • Items using the Durability lore system currently cannot be repaired. This will be added in the future.

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