Champions [MythicChampions]

Champions (or MythicChampions) is an add-on for MythicMobs that allows you to create custom spells and classes that players can utilize. Players can learn spells through commands, spell tomes, signs, by leveling up classes that you design, and more!

Download & Installation

Champions is currently in alpha testing. Don't purchase it unless you want to help test it!

Champions is available as a premium resource in the Mythic Resources section here:

Just upload the MythicChampions.jar into your plugins directory and restart your server.


  • MythicMobs (obviously)
  • Java 8


Champions is able to call on all the same mechanics, conditions, and even skills (and mobs) that MythicMobs uses, so it's important to be familiar with MythicMobs before using Champions. Classes and Skills are configured in the MythicChampions plugin folder, and example files are included (with more to come) to help you get started.

Champions skills can directly reference MythicMobs skills, but not the other way around.

Note: Like MythicMobs, Champions skills will not target Creative Mode players unless explicitly configured to.



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