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 |<&​lc>​|Returns a left curly bracket ({)| |<&​lc>​|Returns a left curly bracket ({)|
 |<&​nl>​|Forces a new line| |<&​nl>​|Forces a new line|
 +==Color Codes==
 +^**Code**^**Color**^ ​ ^**Code**^**Color**^
 +|&​0|Black| ​ |&​B|Aqua|
 +|&​1|Dark Blue|  |&​C|Red|
 +|&​2|Dark Green| ​ |&​D|Light Purple|
 +|&​3|Dark Aqua|  |&​E|Yellow|
 +|&​4|Dark Red|  |&​F|White|
 +|&​5|Dark Purple| ​ |&​K|Magic|
 +|&​6|Gold| ​ |&​L|Bold|
 +|&​7|Gray| ​ |&​M|Strike through|
 +|&​8|Dark Gray|  |&​N|Underline|
 +|&​9|Blue| ​ |&​O|Italic|
 +|&​A|Green| ​ |&​R|Reset|

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