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 +The variables listed here are for versions of MythicMobs prior to 2.0. [[http://​mythicmobs.net/​manual/​doku.php/​databases/​items/​newvariables|Click here for the list of new variables]].
 +==Legacy Variables==
 +**Variables and Special Characters**
 +^**Variable**^**Function**^  ​
 +|$mobuuid|Returns the UUID of the mob|
 +|$level|Returns the level of the mob|
 +|$boss|Returns the name of the mob|
 +|$mobhp|Returns current hp of the mob|
 +|$mobmaxhp|Returns the max hp of the mob|
 +|$money|Returns the money dropped through the vault plug-in|
 +|$percent|Returns the percent hp of the mob|
 +|$player|Returns the name of the player|
 +|$xp|Returns the xp dropped via Heroes or SkillAPI mods|
 +^**Character**^**Function**^  ​
 +|&​co;​|Returns a colon|
 +|&​apos;​|Returns an apostrophe|
 +|&​dash;​|Returns a dash|
 +|&​middot;​|Returns a dot (·)|
 +|&​deg;​|Returns a degrees symbol (°)|
 +|&​backslash;​|Returns a backslash|