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The Equipment section in a mob config is a special droptable that defines what kind of equipment the mob will spawn with. The equipment will only be applied to the mob when it spawns or during a reload, and can be changed afterwards by using the Equip mechanic.

If you want your mob to not wear any kind of equipment, you can use the option “PreventRandomEquipment”. See Mob Options. An alternative to using that option is to equip your mob with dummy items. Such items need have the item ID AIR.

Equipment is a special type of droptable and can reference other droptables, allowing you to use drop conditions to create advanced equipment sets. If you define the slot in a droptable and reference it normally in the Equipment section (or equip skill), the mob will “equip” the drops instead of dropping them.


  Type: <mobtype>
  - <item> <slot>
  - <item> <slot>
  - ...

Can be either the name of a MythicMobs item or a vanilla item.

Defines the slot on the mob that item should be carried on.

Slot Description
HEAD The head slot. Apart from regular helmets can be any blocktype or player head. Most will render accurately.
CHEST The chest slot. Will only render chestplates, but will carry any items.
LEGS The leg slot. Will only render leggings, but will carry any items.
FEET The feet slot. Will only render boots, but will carry any items.
HAND The mainhand slot. Will render any type of item.
OFFHAND The offhand slot, introduced in MC 1.9. Will render any type of item.


  Type: pig_zombie
  - awesome_boss_helmet:4
  - diamond_sword:0

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