Spawners allow you to define specific points in your worlds at which your custom mob creations can spawn. They can with a variety of useful options, conditions and buildt-in timers, cooldowns and warmups. Note that in MythicSpawners you can only use the old conditions system. Here can you find them: Legacy Conditions

You can create spawners directly ingame by using Commands and by creating the a configuration file in the folder /MythicMobs/Spawners. Note that once a spawner-configuration file has been loaded onto a running server, it can only be edited by ingame commands. If you want to edit a already loaded spawner-configuration file in a text-editor, you have to stop the server in the meantime.

Pros of Spawners

  • Doesn't require natural mob spawning to be enabled to work.
  • Allows for a much more specific and consistent implementation because you can specify exactly where and how each mob spawn.
  • Support timers, leashing and other features.
  • Good to populate small arenas or dungeons.

Cons of Spawners

  • Setup can be time consuming especially for larger implementations.
  • Can become very difficult to manage if not planned out correctly.
  • Mobs need to be configured appropriately.
  • Despawn false isnt a option that is meant to be used in mythic spawners.

Example Config

  MobName: mobTypeName 
  World: worldname
  SpawnerGroup: GroupName
  X: 0 
  Y: 0 
  Z: 0 
  Radius: 0 
  RadiusY: 0 
  UseTimer: true  
  MaxMobs: 1
  MobLevel: 1
  MobsPerSpawn: 1
  Cooldown: 0
  CooldownTimer: 0
  Warmup: 0
  WarmupTimer: 0
  CheckForPlayers: true
  ActivationRange: 40
  LeashRange: 32
  HealOnLeash: false
  ResetThreatOnLeash: false
  ShowFlames: false
  Breakable: false
  Conditions: []
  ActiveMobs: 1


  • checkforplayers <true/false>:
    • Whether or not players must be near the spawner for it to “activate”
    • Defaults to true for performance
  • cooldown <number>:
    • This the amount of time in seconds that the spawner waits after a mob has been spawned before another mob is spawned.
    • /mm s set Ruins_Skeleton1 cooldown 30 (Sets cooldown to 30 seconds)
    • Timing: warmup*> mob spawns*> cooldown*> mob spawns*>
  • spawnergroup <group name>
    • This sets the group name for the spawn.
    • For larger configurations, such as if you are populating a dungeon, you can group all spawners together and then change settings for them all at the same time. If you have 20 spawners, this is the difference between typing 2 or 3 commands and 20 or 30 commands.
    • /mm s set Ruins_Skeleton1 group Ruins (Puts this spawner in the Ruins group)
    • Using the group command:
      • /mm s set g:Ruins warmup 300
      • Sets the warmup settings for all spawners in the ruins group to 300
  • healonleash <true/false>
    • Whether the mob should heal to full health when it leashes back to its spawner
    • /mm s set Ruins_Skeleton1 healonleash true (Mobs spawned from this spawner will heal on leash)
  • leashrange <number>:
    • This is the max distance that a mob can move from its spawn location before it is teleported back to where it came from.
    • /mm s set Ruins_Skeleton1 leashrange 15 (Sets leashrange to 15 blocks)
  • maxmobs <number>:
    • This is the max number of mobs that can be spawned and existing in the world for this spawner. Should be set equal to or greater than the mobsperspawn settings.
    • /mm s set Ruins_Skeleton1 maxmobs 2 (Sets the spawner to allow a maximum of 2 mobs to be spawned)
  • moblevel <number>:
    • This is the level of the mob that should spawn from this spawner. Mob must have level configuration for this to work. Can only be a single level.
    • /mm s set Ruins_Skeleton1 moblevel 2 (Sets the spawner to spawn mobs of level 2)
  • mobsperspawn <number>:
    • This is the number of mobs spawned each time the spawner spawns a mob. This is limited by the maxmobs settings.
    • /mm s set Ruins_Skeleton1 mobsperspawn 2 (Sets the spawner to spawn 2 mobs each time)
  • mobtype <mobtype>:
    • This is mob type that the spawner will spawn. Can only be set to any internal MythicMobs mob.
    • /mm s set Ruins_Skeleton1 mobtype GreaterSkeleton (Changes the mobtype from DecayingSkeleton to GreaterSkeleton)
  • radius <number>:
    • This is the radius around the spawner at which the mob can spawn. setting to 0 will cause the mob to spawn exactly on its spawner. Setting it to 5 will allow the mob to spawn anywhere within a 5 block radius of the spawner.
    • This can be used to make mob spawns in large areas feel more random when large radius' are used.
    • /mm s set Ruins_Skeleton1 radius 5 (Sets the spawner to spawn mobs within a 5 block radius)
  • showflames <true/false>:
    • Set this to true to show flames around the spawner. Useful for debugging purposes.
    • /mm s set Ruins_Skeleton1 showflames true (Turn on flames particle for this spawner.)
  • warmup <number>:
    • The amount of time in seconds before the spawner start cooldown. Warmup start on activation and if maxmobs is reached and a mob dies.
    • /mm s set Ruins_Skeleton1 warmup 300 (Sets warmup to 5 minutes)
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