Can you use commands from other plugins to reward all players that helped attack/kill the mob?

You can use this link to format here:

How can I get custom heads on my mob?

This goes in your ExampleItems.yml file with this format:

You can find the skin texture using this link:

Use to find the trimmed UUID of the player.

How do I make "caster" mobs that cast spells instead of using melee attacks?

Simply use a similar format to the guide’s example of using the projectile skill here:

(for example) to look like this:

This will slow the mob so it stands still and “casts” the projectile spell skill to shoot a projectile spell.

How do I use color codes in Player Disguises?

Make sure to use Disguise: option and use single quotes (‘ ‘) to put the color code that can be found here:

I tried using the flames particle for the projectile skill, yet its so widespread what am I doing wrong?!

Set the particle skill’s hS and vS to 0.1, the flame particles are naturally widespread as they are actually blaze and furnace particles, that play in a wide fashion.

To narrow down their particles you need to narrow down their radiuses both horizontally and vertically. Very small radiuses will keep them looking like a nice straight fiery line.

Why can't I set a mob's health above 2000?

This is a problem with Spigot. Simply go into your spigot.yml config file and increase the max-health property.

How do I create a complex multi-skilled mob that won’t use all of its skills at the same time?! Its too OP!

There are many ways of spacing out mob skills to make them less predictable, more spread out, and more random.

  • You can use the RandomSkill skill to cast random skills on an interval
  • Use the “GCD” (global cooldown) skill along with the “OffGCD” condition.
  • Give your skills lower chances and cooldowns.

I want to use my own custom sound effect, how do I do this? (Answer provided by SeanArmor on the MythicMobs forums)

To use custom sounds, they must be added to the resource pack your server is using. Players that don't use a resource pack with the custom sounds will NOT be able to hear them.

Go to or some other sound websites. Download the sound file. Than convert the sound file using

Or using SeanArmor's method (not sure if this works) Rename your file with the extension of .ogg

Then put your new .ogg sound into your resource pack folder, and use the effect:sound{something.something.yoursoundname}

The something.something is the folder path to your file. So if your .ogg is in just the resource pack folder you would just put the name without the .ogg extension in the skill. If it was in a folder for Example (FolderA/FolderB/yoursound.ogg) you would type effect:sound{FolderA.FolderB.yoursound}

Additional questions or comments?

Please post additional questions on the MythicMobs forums. There are many helpful community members, such as adw123, DrakonDawn, NathanWolf, etc. you can ask for help!

You can also check out our paid support options if you would like direct support from the developers.

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