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 ===== What's included in MythicMobs Premium? ===== ===== What's included in MythicMobs Premium? =====
-  * Access to both bleeding-edge and stable development builds +[[http://​www.mythicmobs.net/​index.php?​account/​upgrades|MythicMobs Premium]] comes with numerous Premium-only perks, including:
-  * Early support for newer versions of Minecraft as they are released +
-    * Dev builds for new versions are released extremely quickly; issues are resolved as they are reported +
-  * Discord benefits +
-    * Access to the Premium Support channel on Discord +
-    * Access to the Premium Tickets system on Discord +
-    * Premium role on Discord +
-    * NOTE: Discord features and usage are subject to the [[https://​www.mythicmobs.net/​PurchaseAgreement.pdf|Purchase agreement]]+
 +  * Special Premium role in Discord
 +  * Access to the premium support channel and ticket system
 +  * Access to the latest version faster
 +  * Access to development builds
 +  * Math and Placeholders are usable in most skills, drop amounts, and options
 +  * Ability to use hit-conditions in any projectile skills
 +  * Ability to use custom damage types and damage modifiers
 +  * Ability to use several custom AI goals/​targeters that can use conditions
 +More premium-only features will continue to be added as time goes on.
 +You can upgrade your account to Premium [[http://​www.mythicmobs.net/​index.php?​account/​upgrades|by clicking here]].
 +For those who wish to donate a little more or who have large servers, our Premium+ package gives you several added benefits:
 +  * Special Premium+ role in Discord
 +  * Priority on support tickets
 +  * License usable on multiple servers you own
 ===== My server crashes when I try to make a passive mob attack! ===== ===== My server crashes when I try to make a passive mob attack! =====

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