Hall of Fame

Here we try to keep a list of all those who have contributed towards MythicMobs' development through donations or hard work. Thank you so much! MythicMobs would not be possible without the support of these fantastic people.

This will be updated on the first of every month. All donations are helpful and appreciated. We will not list amounts donated here as we do not want those who can't afford to donate more to feel unappreciated, however everyone can rest assured knowing their donations make a huge difference.

If your name isn't on here and it should be, or is listed on here incorrectly, please let us know! I will not post real names on here without permission, so if you donate (through Patreon especially), please let us know what your in-game name is and that you'd like to be included here. It is also very possible we missed a few people and we very much want to include everyone here who helps!

Last updated 06/03/2016:

Donators (Individuals)

  • 200found
  • AdminZero
  • DannyHampton
  • Deathinflames666
  • digitalr
  • Droobledore
  • Flynnftw
  • jaylawl
  • jaymee1998
  • jpstout
  • Malvagio87
  • MasterMithrandir
  • MeLikeChoco
  • MelodicAxe
  • mjw2524
  • Oats
  • Rickyling
  • sleaklight
  • Swash984
  • Tankdest22
  • Tonysp
  • Wolfjax
  • Xarinor
  • xxlio109
  • Zebrao
  • zedja
  • zohawk
  • Many more! (PM me if your name isn't on here, I am bad with names)

Donators (Servers)

This is a list of servers that have collectively donated to support MythicMobs!

  • AlisonMC
  • EcoWorld Minecraft
  • IceFuse Network
  • MC MedievalLords
  • omcolorful Network
  • TeamCraft
  • Jaygrounds
  • Others! (PM me if your server name isn't on here and should be)


These people have donated considerable time towards helping development, such as putting together the plugin manual, marketing, or contributing towards development.

  • adw123 - for his work on the plugin manual!
  • charlie_boi - for his work on the plugin manual!
  • DrakonDawn - for his help supporting people in the community!
  • jaylawl - “das Mädchen für alles”! (to boldly go)
  • LordKainzo - for running our IRC and providing development support!
  • NathanWolf - for his work on the plugin manual!
  • Neoblade298 - for making us videos!
  • spyermusic - for making our logo!


Hey, that's us!

  • jaylawl - for being ridiculously good at this plugin!
  • DrakonDawn - what was said up above!
  • Awesome_Dante - Don't run out of ramen, or we'd have to do without you!
  • Tankdest22 - Keep on chugging Tank, you've got this!
  • flyuphigh - great guy, should get on staff chat more though!
  • Rickyling - I hear this guy worked on the manual!


  • Xikage/Ashijin - the boss himself, we couldn't do this without you (literally)!

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