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 +====== Permissions ======
 +At the moment MythicMobs only supports two permission nodes to grant full access to the plugin. The reason for this is that nearly all commands in MythicMobs are heavily abusable, and at the moment I don't see a reason for individual permissions for each feature. Regardless, I will add more permissions in the future when I have time for those that would like it, but it is not high on my priority list.
 +===== General =====
 +  * **mythicmobs.admin** - //Grants full access to the plugin'​s commands.//
 +  * **mythicmobs.signal** - //​Permission to use the "/mm signal <​mob.uuid>​ <​signal>"​ command//
 +  * Access to individual commands can be given using **mythicmobs.command.<​command>​**
 +      * **mythicmobs.command.info** - //Access to the **/mm info** command.//
 +      * **mythicmobs.command.mobs.list** - //Access to the **/mm mobs list** command.//
 +      * etc