Table of Contents

Pre-2.0 Changelogs



Updated MythicMobs with 1.8 support.


Added /mm spawners cut [search_string], /mm spawners paste and /mm spawners undo commands.

These commands can be used to move large amounts of spawners at once while retaining their relative position. It can even be used to move them to other worlds. (Cuts and pastes in the same way that WorldGuard would)

[search_string] can accept a number of expected inputs. Here are some examples:

  • /mm spawners cut g:BoneCastle - cuts all spawners in the BoneCastle group
  • /mm spawners cut r:200 - cuts all spawners in a 200 block radius
  • /mm spawners cut Elementals_* - cuts all spawners with names starting with Elementals_
  • /mm spawners cut * - cuts ALL spawners in the world

/mm spawners paste moves the spawners. You can do it multiple times but the paste will overwrite any previous pastes with the same cut since spawners still require their unique names preserved.

/mm spawners undo will undo the last spawners you cut and put them back where they originally were when you did the cut as long as you still have the same spawners selected.


Added new 1.8 mobs for 1.8 servers! Please use the latest 1.8 Spigot build or these will not work.


Creates a Mythic Armor_Stand. Do with it what you will.

ARMOR_STAND options:

  • Options.HasArms: (true/false)
  • Options.HasGravity: (true/false)
  • Options.Small: (true/false)
  • Options.Invisible: (true/false)
  • Options.ItemHead: [MythicItem Name]
  • Options.ItemBody: [MythicItem Name]
  • Options.ItemLegs: [MythicItem Name]
  • Options.ItemFeet: [MythicItem Name]
  • Options.ItemHand: [MythicItem Name]

Bug Fixes/Other

  • Particle effects can now be seen from much further away on 1.8
  • Fixed some errors with AI on certain Bukkit versions
  • Fixed a bunch of assorted NPE errors
  • Fixed various other minor bugs


NOTICE: v1.1.x contains major re-written mob spawning code. Most mob configs will still work normally except most mobs containing the words “angry” or “baby” will no longer work. “Angry” and “Baby” have been separated into options (Angry, Age and AgeLock respectively) because they were not really mob types. Real mob variants such as BABY_ZOMBIE will still work.

AI Controls

  • AI Controls are now backwards compatible with all supported Bukkit versions.
  • Custom AI should now work on the Spigot 1.8 compatibility builds.


  • Added title skill, only works on 1.8 Spigot compatibility build.
- title [radius]:[fadeInTicks]:[displayTicks]:[fadeOutTicks]:"Title":"Subtitle"


  • Added some new API methods for the Spawn event

Bug Fixes/Other

  • Fixed a bunch of assorted NPE errors
  • Fixed ThreatTable error when target goes to a different world
  • Fixed various other minor bugs


«color red»NOTICE: v1.1.x contains major re-written mob spawning code. Most mob configs will still work normally except most mobs containing the words “angry” or “baby” will no longer work. “Angry” and “Baby” have been separated into options (Angry, Age and AgeLock respectively) because they were not really mob types. Real mob variants such as BABY_ZOMBIE will still work.«/color»

Bug Fixes/Other

  • Fixed a critical bug where mob timer abilities would sometimes continue firing after death or despawning
  • Fixed a console error involving mobs that did not have equipment
  • Fixed a console bug thrown by mobs without certain options defined
  • Fixed an NPE error on mob spawn for mobs without Skills
  • Fixed an NPE error on mob damage for mobs without DamageModifiers


«color red»NOTICE: v1.1.x contains major re-written mob spawning code. Most mob configs will still work normally except most mobs containing the words “angry” or “baby” will no longer work. “Angry” and “Baby” have been separated into options (Angry, Age and AgeLock respectively) because they were not really mob types. Real mob variants such as BABY_ZOMBIE will still work.«/color»


  • Added RadiusY option to spawners

Bug Fixes/Other

  • Improved error-checking for mobs and spawners to prevent certain startup errors.
  • Fixed Creeper-specific options not being applied.
  • Fixed effects targeting spawners to target the center of blocks
  • Fixed a bug with preventSuicide creeper option not working in most cases
  • Fixed an alias for MagmaCube not working properly
  • Fixed a bug preventing Slime and MagmaCube options from applying
  • Fixed a bug preventing options that apply to after-death events from functioning
  • Fixed (hopefully) mob custom AI not persisting through chunk reloads


«color red»NOTICE: v1.1.x contains major re-written mob spawning code. Most mob configs will still work normally except most mobs containing the words “angry” or “baby” will no longer work. “Angry” and “Baby” have been separated into options (Angry, Age and AgeLock respectively) because they were not really mob types. Real mob variants such as BABY_ZOMBIE will still work.«/color»

New Features

AI Controls
  • Ability to clear, add to and modify a mob's AI Pathfinder Goals
  • Ability to clear, add to and modify a mob's AI TargetSelector Goals
  • Available AI goals can be found here.
  • Tutorial is available here.
Mob Factions
  • Mobs can now be marked with a Faction attribute
  • Mob AI controls include new custom Pathfinder goals to make mobs attack other mobs that are not in the same faction
  • Mobs in the same faction will never attack each-other.
Threat Tables
  • Added Threat Tables
  • Added Mob option UseThreatTable, defaults to false.
  • Added config.yml option for disabling Threat Tables entirely.
  • Added onEnterCombat, onDropCombat, and onTargetChange triggers for mobs with threat tables enabled.

Mobs with Threat Tables enabled will behave more like mobs in RPG games. Each player in combat with the mob has a threat value based on their damage done to the mob, and the mob will target the player who has done the most damage to it (allowing for roles like “tanks”).

Threat diminishes for players who are out of line-of-sight or out of range of the mob for too long.

The API will include methods for “taunting” and modifying player threat.

Mob Options

Added lots of new options…

  • Options.Age: [integer] - Sets the mob's age.
  • Options.AgeLock: [true/false] - Locks the mob's age.
  • Options.SuperCharged: [true/false] - Sets if the creeper is supercharged.
  • Options.Tameable: [true/false] - Determines whether the mob can be tamed.
  • Options.Saddled: [true/false] - Sets if the pig is saddled.
Pig Zombies + Variants
  • Options.Angry: [true/false] - Determines whether the mob starts out as angry or not.
  • Options.PreventBlockInfection: [true/false] - Prevents block infection, should actually work now…
  • Options.PreventSnowFormation: [true/false] - Keeps the mob from forming snow.
  • Options.Angry: [true/false] - Determines whether the mob starts out as angry or not.
  • Options.Tameable: [true/false] - Determines whether the mob can be tamed.
Zombies + Variants
  • Options.ReinforcementsChance: can be a number between 0 and 1.0 with 1 being a 100% chance to spawn reinforcements on taking damage.


  • Added EntitiesInRadius:radius:radiusY option for effect targets
  • Added ThreatTargets option for effect targets


New Triggers
  • Added ~onInteract - Fires when a player right-clicks the mob
  • Added ~onEnterCombat - Fires when a mob enters combat. (Requires ThreatTables to be enabled)
  • Added ~onDropCombat - Fires when a mob drops combat. (Requires ThreatTables to be enabled)
  • Added ~onTargetChange - Fires when a mob changes targets. (Requires ThreatTables to be enabled)
New Skills
  • Added AIRunGoalSelector skill - Modifys the mob's AI Goal Selector with the given string

- airungoalselector 'AI STRING'

  • Added AIRunTargetSelector skill - Modifys the mob's AI Target Selector with the given string

- airuntargetselector 'AI STRING'

  • Added Disguise skill - Changes the mob's disguise, uses the same format as the Disguise option

- disguise [disguise_string]

  • Added Jump skill - Makes the mob jump

- jump [vertical_strength]:<horizontal_strength>

  • Added Leap skill - Makes the mob leap through the air to its target.

- leap

  • Added Volley skill - Fires a volley of arrows

- volley [#_of_arrows]:[arrow_speed]:[arrow_spread]:<fire_ticks>

Skill Changes
  • Damage skill will now target non-player entities if the mob's target is that entity.
  • DamageAll will now behave as expected if radius is 0.


  • Added /mm s resettimers [name] command to reset cooldown and warmup timers


  • Added MythicMobSpawnEvent

Bug Fixes/Other

  • Fixed a bug where MythicMobs would not always activate skills when attacking other MythicMobs.
  • Fixed bug with ~onAttack skills causing recursion when using damage-causing abilities
  • Fixed a bug that caused the onExplode trigger to not always work
  • Fixed some bugs with the preventSuicide option not retaining mob data after preventing a the mob's death
  • Fixed a bug with projectile skill causing projectiles to not always do the configured damage
  • Fixed a couple NullPointerExceptions

v1.0.0 Release


  • Added zombievillager, babyzombievillager disguises
  • Disguises will now obey any display-related options that are configured for the mob.
  • It does not include any options that include mob power or functionality (except horse armor)
  • This includes the Horse, Ocelot, Sheep, and Villager disguises


  • Added HorseCarryingChest option for horses


  • ShootPotion now uses ticks instead of seconds, in order to be more consistent with other similar skills
  • Fixed a bug with the ActivateSpawner skill not working with spawner groups
  • Fixed a bug with the new SafeSpawnLocation algorithm



  • Added RemoveSelf skill


Most spawner commands can now accept wildcards in the spawner name:

  • Wildcards can be ? for a single-character wildcard, * for any number of wildcard characters.
  • i.e. Running the command /mm s set T* leashrange 32 will set the leash range to 32 on all spawners starting with T
  • i.e. Running the command /mm s set ?at leashrange 32 will set it on spawners named Cat, Rat, Fat, but not one named Matt
  • if you run a spawner command with * as the name it will be run on ALL spawners.


  • More performance optimizations
  • Added error checking for a couple systems
  • Better compatibility with various Forge modpacks and modded Bukkit servers
  • Fixed a bug with timer skills occasionally throwing a ConcurrentModificationException in the console
  • Fixed a bug with RandomSpawns rarely throwing a NullPointerException in the console
  • Fixed RemoveMobs skill to unregister mobs from plugin before removing them
  • Fixed a rare bug with the MovementSpeed mob option
  • Fixed spawners to spawn mobs in the center of the target block
  • Fixed spawners so that they will measure a mob's height and choose an appropriate spawn location rather than spawning mobs in areas too short for them to survive
  • Fixed a bug where negative Damage Modifiers were not healing the mob as intended
  • Fixed Damage ability to correctly register from the using mob
  • Fixed health ranges in skills not working when smaller health amount is put first
  • Fixed spawners spawning mobs underground in some scenarios
  • Fixed player disguises to allow color codes in the names
  • Fixed a bug where damage skills that ignore armor could “multi-kill” players that had already just died, causing them to drop their items when a plugin such as DeathControl should have prevented it.



  • More performance optimizations!
  • Updated to support Bukkit 1.7.10
  • Added Debugging Mode, activated using /mm debugmode true. Currently debug mode disables random spawning, mob spawners, and a few other “random” things that would make high-level debugging otherwise impossible due to console spam.
  • Added TestEffect and TestSkill utility commands that allow you to run effect strings and skill strings from within the game with you as the “mob” and your target block as the default target. (example: /mm u testeffect target lightning would run the lightning effect on your target)


  • Player disguise can now specify skin and player name independently using the syntax Disguise: player:playername:skinname. This requires LibsDisguises build 314 or greater.
  • Added Enderman:<held_item_name> disguise
  • Added Skeleton disguise


  • The ActivateSpawner skill can now accept a spawner group to activate in the format g:groupname


Added new effect targets:

  • Location: effect targets a specific location in the world

- effect location:[x],[y],[z] (effect)

  • Spawner: effect targets a spawner

- effect spawner:[spawner_name] (effect)

This can also target spawner groups using the format spawner:g:[group_name]


  • Added getMobLevel(), getNumberOfPlayerKills() methods to MythicMobDeathEvent

Bug Fixes/Other

  • Fixed a crippling bug with spawners that had a radius of 0.
  • Fixed a bug with spawn radius logic.
  • Fixed the following spawner commands to be usable from the console or command blocks: activate, info, and set.
  • Fixed a bug where mobs were throwing the death event and granting players XP after being removed by the /mm m kill and /mm m killall commands
  • Fixed a bug where mobs were still registered as active for a short time after dying
  • Fixed a bug where passive mobs were not being unregistered from spawners when removed by commands
  • Fixed dropped_item disguise, usage i.e. Disguise: item:diamond
  • Fixed several bugs preventing mobs from sometimes not despawning after a server restart when Despawn was set to true
  • Fixed a bug with compatibility mode causing multiple mounts to spawn


New Mob Options

  • PreventMobKillDrops: (true/false) - Prevents mobs killed by that MythicMob from dropping loot

New Disguises

  • Added slime:[size] and magmacube:[size] disguises

Bug Fixes/Other

  • Fixed error with Target distance conditions caused by players teleporting to another world
  • Fixed bug where spawners with radius set to 0 would not spawn mob on top of the spawner as intended
  • Fixed a number of possible holes that could have potentially lead to mobs losing their disguises
  • Updated CachedMobs file to save mob's level for better consistency between server restarts when using mob levels
  • Fixed an error caused by having question marks in mob names
  • Fixed the Wither Skeleton disguise
  • Fixed spawn radius not being set correctly and throwing errors upon new spawner creation

Beta Release v0.12.0

Massive Performance Boost

v0.12.0 has had a lot of components optimized for better speed, and most large servers that have complex mobs should see a noticeable TPS gain.

New Features

Drop Conditions

All conditions can now be used in drop tables using the following format: «code lua» SandSkeletonDrops:

- biome BEACH
- WaterloggedArmor 1 0.01


Item Lore Improvements
  • You can now specify a number range in item lores, such as {5-10}, that will come out as a random number in that range when the item is generated.

New Configs

Added the following configs to config.yml for some better compatibility with certain plugins: «code lua» compatibility:

heroes-show-xp-message: true
heroes-xp-message-format: You receive $xp experience for slaying $mobname
mcmmo-show-xp-message: true
mcmmo-xp-message-format: You receive $xp experience for slaying $mobname
skillapi-show-xp-message: true
skillapi-xp-message-format: You receive $xp experience for slaying $mobname
vault-show-money-message: true
vault-money-message-format: You receive $money for slaying $mobname


Plugin Compatibility

Lib's Disguises

Using Lib's Disguises + ProtocolLib together with MythicMobs unlocks the Disguise mob option. This allows you to disguise any mob as another entity, including players, falling blocks, items, and minecarts. This effectively allows you to create player mobs and hostile fauna (example: disguising a zombie as a cow, so you end up having a cow attacking things).

«code lua» AngryPig:

Mobtype: pigzombie
Display: 'Angry Pig'
Health: 30
Damage: 5
  Disguise: pig



Several new effects have been added that require EffectsLib to be installed.


McMMO is now supported!

Mobs can give McMMO experience as a drop in drop tables using the format mcmmo-exp [amount]

New Skills

  • CommandRing - Executes a command for all players within a “ring” around the mob

- cmdring min_radius:max_radius:'command'

New Skill Triggers

  • ~onPlayerKill - Triggers when the mob kills a player.

New Mob Options

  • HorseSaddled: (true/false)
  • HorseArmor: (iron/gold/diamond)

New Spawner Options

  • HealOnLeash (true/false) - If true, mobs will heal to full upon being leashed by a spawner
  • SpawnRadius - Spawn Radius already existed, but it should actually work now!

New Effects

  • ParticleRing - Creates a ring of particle effects consisting of ring_points points around the target with radius ring_radius

- effect boss particlering particle_name:ring_radius:ring_points:horizontalspread:verticalspread:count:<speed>:<y-offset>

  • ParticleSquare - Creates a square of particles around the target with radius square_radius

- effect boss particlesquare particle_name:square_radius:horizontalspread:verticalspread:count:<speed>:<y-offset>

New Conditions

  • haspotioneffect [potion_effect]:<level_number_range>
  • holding [material]
  • inblock [material]
  • lightlevel [number_range]
  • lightlevelabove [integer]
  • lightlevelbelow [integer]
  • mobtype [list,of,bukkit,mob,types]
  • playerkills [number_range] - matches the number of players the mob has killed

Bug Fixes/Other

  • MobType is now case-insensitive
  • You can now use the notation mobname:level when creating spawners
  • Rewrote a large part of the item and drop-table systems for better performance and to add new features
  • Added support for splitting Heroes XP based on Heroes' party system
  • Fixed variables not being processed in $mobname inside of message skills
  • Fixed mob tracker to correctly track mobs with their level in their display name after a server restart.
  • Fixed moblevel attribute not saving on spawners
  • Fixed a ConcurrentModificationException error being thrown by certain Timer skills
  • Fixed errors with the Rally skill when the mob didn't have a proper target
  • Fixed a bug with null lore in certain items
  • Fixed a recursion bug involving mounts and compatibility mode spawning multiple mounts
  • Fixed a bug in the Summon skill's positioning logic
  • Fixed a bug with Mythic Spawners where the Warmup timer did not persist through reloads
  • Fixed height condition
  • Fixed level condition
  • Fixed an error thrown when a mob type isn't specified in the /mm mob spawn command
  • Fixed null pointer error thrown in ChunkUnloadEvent
  • Fixed null pointer error thrown in EntityDeathEvents
  • Fixed dashes displaying properly in mob strings
  • Fixed spawning mobs at specific location using command not working in some cases
  • Delayed skills will now execute after a mob dies if the ~onDeath trigger was used. This does mean it is possible to put strain on your server with an infinite loop if you have an ~onDeath skill call itself, so doing that isn't a good idea.

Beta Release v0.11.1

Streamlined string parsing so all mob variables are usable in all skills and places where variables are used including in mob names in most cases.

New Variables

  • Added $mobuuid variable to mob names and messages

New Conditions

  • mobsinchunk [number_range]
  • mobsinworld [number_range]
  • targetdistance [number_range]

Bug Fixes/Other

  • RandomSpawning should now obey WorldGuard mob-spawning flags
  • Fixed $level variable in names and messages
  • Fixed drops being dropped twice
  • Fixed DropsPerLevel not working
  • Fixed an error being thrown by mob levels in random spawns
  • Fixed projectiles hitting mobs when fired from a dispenser throwing an error
  • Fixed the GCD and SetStance skills
  • Fixed the Equip skill
  • Fixed the biome and world conditions matching similar-but-different biomes and worlds
  • Reduced the overhead of update checking significantly

Alpha Release v0.11.0

New Features

Skill Conditions
  • Conditions can now be specified for meta-skills. Skills with conditions will only be used if the conditions are all true. Skills can use all the same conditions as spawners and random spawning (although ones that don't necessarily make sense for skills will not work so well).
  • Conditions are specified in the Conditions tag in meta-skills like so:

«code lua» SmashAttack:

Cooldown: 8
- targetwithin 25
- msg 50:'$boss; &4Diiiie!' >0 0.2


Mob Levels
  • Added Mob Levels. Mobs can now be spawned with a level, and will scale based on configurable settings using the LevelModifiers options. Drops will also be scalable using the DropsPerLevel tag, and I may also add a way to have certain drops only drop if the mob is above a certain level.

Spawners can spawn mobs of different levels by setting the spawners' moblevel attribute. Mobs can also be spawned with commands by appending :level to their name, such as /mm mob spawn SkeletalKnight:5

Random Spawning also supports mob levels using the Level option. «code lua» SkeletalKnight:

Mobtype: witherskeleton
Display: '&2Skeletal Knight'
Health: 40
Damage: 8
  Health: 5
  Damage: 0.5


  • Important Note: The LevelModifiers.Health attribute is REQUIRED to use mob scaling. All other modifiers are optional.
Special Characters

The Message skill, SetName skill, and display names now support more special charcters:

  • &colon; makes a colon :
  • &apos; makes an apostrophe '
  • &dash; makes a dash -

and some other random HTML characters to find…

New Mob Types

  • pigzombievillager
  • babypigzombievillager
  • angrypigzombievillager
  • angrybabypigzombievillager

New Skills

  • GCD Sets the mob's Global Cooldown variable for # ticks, usable with the offgcd skill condition.

- gcd [ticks]

  • SetName Changes the mob's display name. Can use all the same variables as the message skill.

- setname '$mobname ($level) $mobhp/$mobmaxhp'

  • SetStance Sets the mob's stance variable, usable with the stance skill condition.

- setstance [string]

  • Rally Causes all nearby entities of the specified types to attack the mob's target. Types can also be the name of a MythicMob.

- rally [horizontal_radius]:[vertical_radius] <mobtype1>,<mobtype2>

New Conditions

  • biome [biome1],<biome2>,<biome3>, …
  • offgcd whether or not the mob's global cooldown variable is up, which can be triggered with the gcd skill
  • height [number_range]
  • heightabove [integer]
  • heightbelow [integer]
  • level [number_range]
  • onblock [material_type] must use material name as defined in Bukkit
  • stance [string] variable usable with the setstance skill, default stance is default
  • targetinlineofsight
  • targetnotinlineofsight
  • targetwithin [integer]
  • targetnotwithin [integer]
  • world [world1],<world2>,<world3>, …
  • worldtime [number_range]

[number_range] can be numbers such as =10, >10, <15 or a range such as 1-20


New Effect Position
  • playersinradius:# - Causes the effect on all players within # blocks
New Effects
  • particleline - Creates a line of particles between the boss and the target location with the given parameters. Won't really do anything if the target location is set to boss, since the boss targeting himself doesn't make much of a line.

- effect target particleline particleName:horizontalSpread:verticalSpread:amount:<speed>:<y-offset>:<particleSpacing> =HP <chance>

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where abilities would trigger sooner than intended
  • Fixed an issue on 1.7.9 where zombies would sometimes spawn as baby zombies

Beta Release v0.10.8

  • Added support for 1.7.9
  • Various minor bug fixes

Beta Release v0.10.5

Notice: This build introduces a lot of performance changes and tweaks. I recommend testing this before uploading it to your live server.

Performance Changes

This update includes a lot of performance tweaks and some new options to help servers that are suffering from lag since v0.10 was released. The recent additions of timer skills and my new mob scanner, which prevents mobs from ever losing their skills and drops, have added a lot of overhead, so I've gone ahead and made some drastic changes aimed at increasing performance.

I've added the following two options to config.yml:

  • general.clock-interval - Controls the speed (in ticks) of MythicMobs' internal clock. Defaults to 1 (every tick). Changing this requires a plugin restart. Recommend increasing this in increments of 5.
  • general.scanner-interval - Controls how often (in seconds) MythicMobs will scan the world to reconcile or despawn Mythic Mobs that have forgotten who they are. Defaults to 20 seconds.

clock-interval will NOT affect how often timers, spawners, etc. go off contrary to what I may have previously said in comments, as I have added a fix for this. However, if you set clock-interval higher, timers that are set up to go off more frequently then the clock will not go often as much as intended, as the clock does not have the precision to set them off that often. I do not recommend setting the clock-interval above 20 ticks, but it won't really hurt anything if you do, things just may behave a little strangely.

As a reminder there are also the following options in config.yml people can tweak for performance:

  • general.spawns-interval - Controls the speed (in seconds) of MythicMobs spawners. Changing this will affect the speed of spawners' Cooldown and Warmup attributes.
  • - Controls the speed (in minutes) that MythicMobs will save. Defaults to 5.

New Mob Type

  • Added chickenjockey mob type. Jockey chickens will not do anything special on their own, but if a zombie rides them they will attack players.

New Mob Options

  • added FuseTicks option - Creepers only. Sets the number of ticks it takes a creeper to explode.
  • added ExplosionRadius option - Creepers only. Sets the radius/power of the creeper's explosion.

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed Heroes EXP, SkillAPI Exp and Vault currency not always being granted properly
  • Fixed a rare error message with timer skills
  • Fixed a bug where MythicMobs' mob scanner was going off much more often than intended.
  • Various other performance-related tweaks

Beta Release v0.10.2

  • Fixed a bug where mobs weren't equipping armor

Beta Release v0.10.1

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Changed Timer-based skills to use the mob's target as the skill target
  • Fixed amounts and chance to work with all drop types in drop tables
  • Changed amounts in drop tables to allow ranges #-# on all drop types
  • Fixed debugging not working on startup
  • Fixed a bug involving effects on mob targets
  • Fixed item attributes causing irrelevant errors on startup
  • Fixed mobs not dropping aggro on targets that have already been killed
  • Fixed creeper explosion damage not being changed properly
  • Fixed creepers not obeying anti-block-explosion protection

Beta Release v0.10.0

Note: This release fixes some bugs with item attributes and changes the way they are applied to a way that makes more sense. This may impact your server, if you are worried do some testing first! For example, setting MovementSpeed to 0.1 will now add +10% Movement Speed rather than adding +0.1 Movement Speed, which is kind of arbitrary.

New Features

  • Added support for 1.7.5
  • Added support for 1.6.4
  • Added Skill Triggers. You can now specify an event trigger in a skill using the syntax ~eventname before or in place of the health modifier. Some triggers ignore the health modifier when it makes sense (mainly as onSpawn, onDeath) and a health modifier is not required for these. If you do not specify an event, skills will continue to work as they did before, meaning they will fire onSpawn, onDeath, onAttack and onDamaged like they do currently. Current triggers include:

* onSpawn - called when the mob spawns * onDeath - called when the mob dies * onAttack - called when the mob deals damage * onDamaged - called when the mob takes damage * onExplode - called when the mob explodes (creepers only) * onTeleport - called when the mob teleports (endermen only) * onTimer:# - called every # ticks (does not work in meta-skills)

So for example, the following creeper would hit everything nearby with lightning only when exploding: «code lua» LightningCreeper:

Mobtype: poweredcreeper
Display: '&2Lightning Creeper'
Health: 40
Damage: 8
  PreventSuicide: true
- lightningall 6:5 ~onExplode >0 1
- lightningall 10:1 ~onTimer:40 >0 1


  • Added SpawnMethod attribute to RandomSpawns. Can be add or replace. Defaults to add. Add works exactly how random spawning works now, by adding new spawns to the world. “replace” gives mobs spawning a chance to replace other mobs.'
  • Added SkillAPI Support. You can now use skillapi-exp [amount] as a drop if you have SkillAPI installed.
  • Added MythicDrops Support. You can now use mythicdrop <tier> as a drop if you have MythicDrops installed.

New Mob Options

  • added PreventSuicide option (default false) - Prevents a creeper mob from dying upon exploding.

New Spawning Conditions

  • dawn
  • day
  • dusk
  • night

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed some bugs with Item attributes
  • Certain item attributes now apply as a percent modifier rather than as a static value, where it makes sense
  • Implemented additional checks to prevent mobs from losing their drops and skills
  • Possibly fixed passive mobs not despawning when Despawn is set to true
  • Creepers' explosion yield is now based on their Damage value if one is defined
  • Fixed a bug where certain types of mobs wouldn't spawn using random spawning
  • Fixed mobs being able to be spawned via command blocks
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where more random spawns were spawning than intended (unable to verify myself)
  • Fixed a bug where decimals were not being taken into account in cooldowns
  • Fixed a bug where skill cooldowns less than 1 were not registering at all
  • Fixed a bug where certain items in drop tables would multiply every time a mob was killed
  • Various other bug fixes

Beta Release v0.9.0

New Features

  • Mob Stacks - If one mount isn't enough, you can now stack mobs by creating a mob stack:

«code lua» SheepStack:

MobStack: StaticallyChargedSheep,StaticallyChargedSheep,StaticallyChargedSheep,StaticallyChargedSheep


  • Spawner Group commands - most spawner commands now accept g:groupname instead of a mob spawner name, and will change all spawners associated with that group.
  • Skills can now use a percentage for the health modifier, i.e. =50% or <25% etc
  • Health modifiers now scale with the mob's max health, including health granted by gear and health added by mob level scaling (coming in a future build). This means if a mob has a max health of 200, and a skill is set to fire at =100, then if the mob has 400 health from gear or scaling the skill will fire at 200 health. This is necessary for mob levels and scaling in the future.
  • You can now use multiple health modifiers per skill, in a comma-separated list. So the following skill string is valid:

«code lua» - skill dosomething =75%,=50%,<200 «/code»

  • Added WorldGuard Support
  • Added ShowHealth option to all mobs, and two new config values to config.yml - show-health-radius and show-health-format

Will display a message to all players within the radius every 10% of the mob's health if ShowHealth is set to true. Format can include color codes and variables $mobname, $mobhp, $mobmaxhp, and $percent.

New Spawner Attributes

  • You can now change the spawner's mob type by setting the mobtype attribute

New Spawning Conditions

WorldGuard conditions, region can be a comma-separated list of region names:

  • inregion [region]
  • notinregion [region]


  • inside [true/false]

New/Updated Skills

  • Added Mount skill
  • Added Dismount skill
  • Added SpawnPassenger skill
  • Added EjectPassenger skill
  • Added MountPlayer skill
  • Added TeleportLocation skill
  • Added RemoveMobs skill
  • Added ToggleLever skill
  • Added SetHealth skill
  • Added SetMaxHealth skill

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Mobs should use abilities immediately at the intended health level instead of one hit after.
  • Fixed a bug with the spawners/listnear command involving multi-worlds
  • Fixed a bug where the Message skill would not display mob health correctly.
  • The RepeatAllSkills option should now work as intended.
  • Fixed Ranges in Health modifiers so they work properly.
  • Some refactoring and optimizations here and there.

Beta Release v0.8.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Vault support

Beta Release v0.8.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with display names losing color codes on death
  • Fixed a bug with Heroes exp
  • Fixed a bug on servers without Vault

Beta Release v0.8.0

New Features

  • Mobs can now have mounts (limit 1 for now)! Using the Riding: attribute with the name of another MythicMob, i.e.

«code lua» Herobrine:

Mobtype: witherskeleton
Display: '&4Herobrine'
Health: 50
Riding: MrEd


Lots of compatibility with other plugins!

  • added BarAPI support
  • added Heroes support
  • added LanguageAPI support
  • added PhatLoots support
  • added Vault support

New Skills

  • BarTimer Creates a bar with the specified message, for # seconds. REQUIRES BarAPI

- bartimer [radius]:[seconds]:'Message' <health> <chance>

New Drop Types

  • added heroesexp # - grants # XP for Heroes to the killer. Requires Heroes.
  • added phatloot [phatloot_name] - The boss will generate loot from the supplied PhatLoot and drop the items. Requires PhatLoots.
  • added money # - Grants money using Vault. Requires Vault and a corresponding economy plugin.

New Mob Options

  • added AlwaysShowName option (default false) - Whether to always show the mob's display name, or only when it's being looked at.
  • added PreventItemPickup option (default true) - Prevents mobs such as zombies from picking up player's dropped items.
  • added PreventBlockInfection option (default true) - Prevents Silverfish from infecting stone blocks.
  • added HorseTamed option (default true) - Causes horses to be tamed or not.

Item Improvements

  • $player and $boss can now be used in item lores, and will show the mob's name and the killer's name when the item drops.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug or two with the Damage skill
  • Fixed the Firework and RadiusFirework effects
  • Lots of other bug fixes

Beta Release v0.7.0

IMPORTANT: Read information about Item and Drop Table changes below if nothing else


  • Added MythicMobSkillEvent(). Fired whenever a mob executes a Mythic Mob skill. This will be called even if the skill does not exist in Mythic Mobs, so it can be used to create custom skills.

New Features

  • Mythic Spawners can now use spawning conditions just like Random Spawns
  • Spawner conditions are added and removed using a few new in-game commands, and can be viewed under /mm s info

New Commands

  • /mm spawner addcondition [spawner_name] [condition] [value]
  • /mm spawner removecondition [spawner_name] [condition]

New Spawning Conditions

Should all be self-explanatory… I think. Will add to the plugin manual soon.

  • lunarphase [phase] ([phase] can be a comma-separated list of in-game days corresponding to the lunar phase, 0 thru 7)
  • outside [true/false]
  • playerwithin [distance]
  • playernotwithin [distance]
  • raining [true/false]
  • sunny [true/false]
  • thundering [true/false]

Drop Table Changes

I had been trying to use EpicBoss' format for the drop tables and items drops, but it wasn't really making sense or working out and seemed to cause a lot of confusion, so I ended up changing a few things. This WILL break item configs, so sorry, but it's a beta!

  • Equipment uses relatively the same format, - MythicItem:slot <amount> <chance>
  • Drops for MythicItems use a slightly new format: - MythicItem <amount> <chance>
  • Drop tables using items now use this format: - [item_id]:<data_value> <amount> <chance>
  • Experience now uses the format - exp <amount>

Chance is an integer between 0 and 1, with 1 being a 100% chance. Amount can be a number or a range such as 1-20, 30-100, etc.

So this example would drop 100 exp and between 32 and 64 golden nuggets: «code yaml» SkeletonKingDrops:

- 371:0 32-64 1
- exp 100


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in 0.6.5 that prevents you from creating spawners… (oops)
  • Fixed bugs with copied spawners sharing mob tables and not spawning new mobs
  • Fixed another bug with exp drops
  • Fixed item amount ranges not being random
  • Fixed a bug with the outside condition not always working

Beta Release v0.6.5


  • Added MythicMobDeathEvent() for people looking to hook for compatibility.
  • More API stuff to come in the future, pushed this out with bug fixes since it was done.

New Features

  • You can now use exp # under Drops to add exp to a mob without using a drop table.

Bug Fixes

  • Hopefully fixed a bug with MythicMob items not playing nicely with other plugins, even if you don't add any attributes under “Options” on items.
  • Adding attributes to items may still cause them to behave oddly. This is because Bukkit has no API for that stuff yet.
  • Fixed some errors with loot drops.
  • Fixed a bug with mobs not dropping the configured amount of exp
  • Fixed some bugs with effects not always firing properly
  • Fixed a bug where spawners would break when using multiple worlds, if a world was reloaded.
  • Various other bug fixes

Known Issues

  • Amount ranges in Drop Tables do not function as intended
  • Spawners may sometimes spawn an extra mob sometimes after a world has been unloaded and reloaded.

Beta Release v0.6.0

New Features

  • Mythic Mob Eggs (access using /mm eggs or /mm e)
  • Utility Commands (access using /mm utilities or /mm u)

Only utility command right now lets you easily find the coordinates of the block you're looking at, for use with the pushbutton skill.

New Skills

  • PushButton Pushes a button at the specified coordinates, to activate redstone

- pushbutton x:y:z

New Spawner Attributes

  • LeashRange - Sets a leash range for mob spawners. Mobs that go further than the leash range from the spawner will be teleported back to the spawner.

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Mobs will now use more skills against other mobs, such as wolves
  • Fixed more mob-dupe issues with mob spawners and unloaded chunks.
  • Switched to a better caching format. You may want to delete and regenerate your SavedData/CachedMobs.yml
  • Skill cooldowns and delays should line up smoother and more predictably now.\
  • Various other bug fixes and optimizations

Beta Release v0.5.3

Bug Fixes

  • Items can now be referenced in most cases by name to prepare for a future where item IDs do not exist
  • Fixed a bug where Item Data values were not working (fixes issues with player heads)
  • Fixed a few issues that could cause mob spawners to break when the chunk unloads.
  • Fixed mobs not using abilities when attacking with bows
  • Fixed some other bugs associated with spawners and unloaded chunks
  • Maybe fixed an issue with slimes splitting when they shouldn't? (needs more testing)

Beta Release v0.5.0

Major Features

  • Mythic Mob Spawners (access using /mm spawners or /mm s)

Mythic Mob Spawners allow you to create “spawners” that will spawn mobs at a location based on certain conditions. They can work similar to normal spawners or can be set up just to spawn a boss at a certain with a long cooldown. They can spawn things using timers, or if you shut the timer off, just through commands or by other Mythic Mobs using the new spawner skill.

Typing /mm spawners (or /mm s) will bring up all the commands for spawners. After creating a spawner, you can set attributes for it using /mm s set [spawner_name] [attribute] [value]. Just typing /mm s set will bring up a list of attributes and what they do.

I will be posting a tutorial for spawners VERY soon, but for server admins that are savvy, you should be able to figure out spawners using just the in-game commands and the information they give you.

New Skills

  • Spawner Activates a Mythic Mob Spawner

- spawner [name] =HP <chance>

New Mob Setting

  • Added Despawn setting for all mobs.

Bug Fixes

  • Added lots of catches for commands to prevent bugs
  • Several fixes to prevent certain mob types (such as Iron Golems) that don't despawn from losing their Mythic Mobs skills
  • Various bug fixes

Beta Release v0.4.0

Delete example files to get updated ones with this update!

Major Features

Example configurations are included demonstrating how these work. Documentation will come in the future.

  • Damage Modifiers - Allows you to modify how much damage a mob will take from certain sources. Will multiply damage from the set source by the number you specify.
  • Item Commands (/mm items)

The following sheep would take no damage from fire, and 20% damage from lava: «code lua» FireResistantSheep:

Mobtype: sheep
  - LAVA 0.2
  - FIRE 0


Uses the built-in damage causes. These can be found here:


You can now spawn mobs at a specific x,y,z location using the mobs spawn command:

  • /mythicmobs mobs spawn [amount] [world],[x],[y],[z]

New Options

Added lots of new options for mobs. See included examples…

  • PreventOtherDrops - True/False. Defaults to False. Stops items from dropping that aren't configured to drop in Mythic Mobs
  • PreventLeashing - True/False. Defaults to True. Prevents Mythic Mobs from having a leash put on them.
  • PreventRenaming - True/False. Defaults to True. Prevents Mythic Mobs from having their name changed by a name tag.
  • RepeatAllSkills - True/False. Defaults to False. Setting to True will make mobs repeat skills when using a skill with =HEALTH, if the mob heals back above that health amount .
  • PreventSlimeSplit - True/False. Defaults to False. Prevents Mythic Mob Slimes and MagmaCubes from splitting on death.
  • PreventTeleporting - True/False. Defaults to False. Prevents Mythic Mobs from teleporting. Mainly meant for Endermen.

Will add a complete list of mob options soon with the documentation.

New Skills

5 new special skills. Adding “all” to the end of these skills will make them also hit other nearby mobs, in addition to players. Otherwise they work exactly the same.

  • damageall
  • igniteall
  • pullall
  • throwall
  • lightningall

New Effects

  • particles - Creates a particle effect at the target location with the given parameters.

- effect boss particles particleName:horizontalSpread:verticalSpread:amount:<speed>:<y-offset> =HP <chance>

A list of available particles can be found here until documentation is done (use the “coding name” for this):

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when trying to spawn a mob without a display name set
  • Fixed a bug with item display names
  • Fixed a bug with item “amount” not defaulting to 1
  • Fixed Slime's health not being set properly
  • Corrected an incorrect item example…
  • Various other bug fixes

Beta Release v0.3.0

Major Features

Example configurations are included demonstrating how these work. Documentation will come in the future.

  • Custom Items
  • Mob Equipment
  • Mob Drops
  • Drop Tables

Note about Equipment: While the items function similar to EpicBoss Gold Edition for the most part, in MythicMobs you are not required to use drop tables for equipment. You can simply put the name of an item defined in your items folder under “Equipment” using the format ItemName:slot. You can still use drop tables if you wish, though, and if a drop table and an item have the same name, it will use the drop table. In the next few builds I will try to allow you to just put basic items in the mob config without having to make a custom item at all. .

New Skills

Skills in most cases function identically to the skills used in EpicBoss Gold Edition. Documentation of these can be found here:

  • Ignite sets players in radius on fire for so many ticks. if radius = 0, only hits the attacking player

- ignite radius:ticks

  • Equip makes the boss equip an item defined in your items folder

- equip itemname:slot

  • Explosion creates explosions on players in radius on fire for so many ticks. if radius = 0, only hits the attacking player

- explosion radius:power:<fire(true/balse)>:<destroyblocks(true/false)>

  • Weather Changes the weather, can be rain, thunder or sunny

- weather type:duration

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a last-second bug with Random Spawning conditions

Converting from EBGE

To make your EBGE Items and Loots configs work with MythicMobs, you just have to change the following things:

  • Rename Tags to Options
  • Rename Loots to Drops
  • Rename Lores to Lore
  • Rename Enchants to Enchantments

Beta Release v0.2.0

Major Features

  • Random Spawning system
  • Random Spawning Conditions (only one added so far is the “outside” condition, included in an example file)

New Skills

Skills in most cases function identically to the skills used in EpicBoss Gold Edition. Documentation of these can be found here:

  • ForcePull
  • ForcePullNear
  • NewTarget
  • Potion
  • PotionBoss
  • PotionMobs
  • Pull
  • RandomSkill
  • ShootFireball
  • ShootPotion
  • Projectile
  • ShootSkull

New Effects

  • endersignal

- effect boss endersignal =HP <chance>

  • firework

- effect boss firework <type>:<colors>:<fadecolors>:<flicker>:<trail>:<flightduration> =HP <chance>

  • flames

- effect boss flames =HP <chance>

  • lightning

- effect boss lightning =HP <chance>

  • smoke

- effect boss endersignal =HP <chance>

  • radiusfirework

- effect boss radiusfirework <type>:<colors>:<fadecolors>:<flicker>:<trail>:<flightduration> =HP <chance>

Other Stuff

  • Added Metrics

Beta Release v0.1.0

First public development release!

Major Features

  • Creating Mobs
  • Mob skills and creating “Meta” Skills
  • Start of the Effects system

Coming Soon

  • Custom mob spawners
  • Items or equipment
  • Locations
  • Random spawning
  • Spawning eggs
  • Timers

Skills in most cases function identically to the skills used in EpicBoss Gold Edition. Documentation of these can be found here:

Differences in MythicMobs from EBGE include:

  • The health and chance fields in skills are OPTIONAL, if you leave them out they will fire 100% of the time
  • Boss attributes are called “options” instead of “tags”


  • command (or cmd)
  • consume
  • damage
  • damageself
  • effect
  • healself (or heal)
  • lightning
  • message (or msg)
  • radiuscommand
  • skill (aka “pack” or meta skills)
  • suicide
  • summon (aka swarm)
  • teleport
  • teleportnear
  • throw


  • sound
  • explosion

Mob Options

All options/tags from EBGE should work, let me know if I missed one. The list of them can be found here:

Feedback is Appreciated!

Please provide all bug-related feedback through tickets and suggestions through the forums.

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