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 +===== Atom =====
 +**NOTE: You must have effectlib installed on your server to use this effect.**
 +^Usage: |**effect:​atom{particlenucleus=[ParticleEffect];​amountnucleus=[Amount];​particleorbital=[ParticleEffect];​amountorbital=[Amount];​orbitals=[Amount];​radius=[Amount];​radiusnucleus=[Amount];​rotation=[amount];​iterations=[Amount];​interval=[Amount]} <​target>​ <​trigger>​ <​hp_modifier>​ <​chance>​** ​ |
 +^Description:​ |Plays the custom Atom effect from EffectLib. |
 +^Details: |**particlenucleus(pn):​** Name of particle to use for the nucleus. ​ \\  **particleorbital(po):​** Name of particle to use for the orbitals. ​ \\ **amountnucleus(an):​** Amount of particles in the nucleus. ​ \\ **amountorbital(ao):​** Amount of particles in the orbitals. ​ \\ **orbitals(o):​** Number of orbitals to add.  \\ **radius®:​** The radius of the orbitals. ​ \\ **radiusnucleus(rn):​** The radius of the nucleus. This works as a percentage. 0=none, 0.50=half the size of the orbitals radius, 1=same size as orbitals, 2.0=double the size of the orbitals. ​ \\ **rotation(ro):​** The rotation of the orbitals axis.  \\ **iterations(t):​** The number of times to play the effect. ​ \\ **interval(in):​** The time in ticks between each effect. |
 +^Examples: |**effect:​atom{pn=reddust;​po=happyVillager;​an=550;​ao=150;​o=5;​r=4;​rn=4;​ro=0;​t=25;​i=5} @Self ~onInteract** (Creates an atom effect that plays 25 times with an interval of 5 ticks when you right click the mob. The effect looks like a melon.) |