Effect: Item Spray

Causes an explosion of temporary items at the target that cannot be picked up.

These items can be picked up by hoppers!
Be careful using this effect around them.


Attribute Aliases Description Default Value
item i The type of item. Can be a Bukkit item or a MythicMobs item name iron_sword
amount a How many items will render from the spray 10
duration d How long (in ticks) the items will exist 20
radius r The radius/spread the items will start in 0
velocity v,force,f The velocity of the items 1
yVelocity vv The Y velocity of the items velocity
yOffset yo The Y offset the items will start at 1
allowpickup ap If the itemspray items can be picked up by players false


- effect:itemspray{item=iron_sword;amount=20;velocity=5;d=100;} @self
- ...

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