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 +===== Effect: Look =====
 +//Added in version 4.3//
 +Causes the entity to look at it's target. Can be used to make cool effects or creepy ones depending on how creative you get with it.
 +===== Attributes =====
 +^Attribute ^Aliases ^Description ^Default Value |
 +| headOnly |  | Only the mob's head is facing the target. | true |
 +| immediately |  | Immediately causes the mob to turn towards the target with no turning animation. | false |
 +===== Examples =====
 +  Skills:
 +  - look{headOnly=true;​immediately=true} @Target
 +The skill above causes the mob to immediately force it's head to face the target immediately. Giving it a creepy effect as only the head will stare for a short bit before the body catches up and turns around as well.

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