Effect: Particle Line

Creates a line of particles from the caster to the targeted entity or location. Extension of the Particle Effect.

A list of particle types can be found here.


This effect extends the general Particle Effect and uses all attributes from it.

Particle attributes are “per point” in this effect, so keeping 'amount' low is recommended.

Effect-Specific Attributes

Attribute Aliases Description Default Value
distanceBetween db The distance between each point in the line 0.25
startYOffset syo, ys Offsets the Y location of the starting point of the line 0
targetYOffset tyo, yt Offsets the Y location of the target point of the line 0
fromOrigin fo (true/false) Whether to draw the line from the origin instead false


Example would draw a beam of fire from the origin to the target

- effect:particleline{particle=flame;amount=1;fromOrigin=true} @target
- ...

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