Effect: Particles

Creates a particle effect at the targeted entity or location.

A list of particle types can be found here.


General Attributes

Attribute Aliases Description Default Value
particle p The particle type to use. See list here. reddust
material m Block or Item to use with block_crack or item_crack respectively (1.13+)
amount a The number of particles to create 10
hSpread hs The horizontal spread of the particles 0
vSpread vs The vertical spread of the particles 0
speed s The “speed” of the particles 0
yOffset y The Y offset of the particles from the target 0
viewDistance vd The distance the particles are rendered 128
Size The size of the particles displayed 1
color c 1)2) The color of the particle
fromorigin false

The “color” attribute was added in version 2.3

Entity-Only Attributes

Attribute Aliases Description Default Value
useEyeLocation uel (true/false) Whether to base the particles on the entity's eyes false
forwardOffset The forward-offset from the targeted entity 0
sideOffset so The side-offset from the targeted entity 0

Particle Colors

As of MythicMobs version 2.3, some particles effects (mobSpell, mobSpellAmbient, and reddust) can be colored by using an additional “color=hexcode” argument. Hexcodes for coloring particles can be found here: http://www.color-hex.com/ From MM Version 2.5.0+ and Minecraft version 1.10 onwards, fallingdust also may use the color option.

- effect:particles{p=reddust;color=#FF00FF}


  - effect:particles{particle=flame;amount=200;hS=1;vS=1;speed=5} @self
  - ...

1.12 block_crack:

  - effect:particles{particle=block_crack_dirt_0;amount=100;hS=1;vS=1} @self

1.13+ block_crack:

  - effect:particles{particle=block_crack;m=dirt;amount=100;hS=1;vS=1} @self

only works on colorable particle types like “reddust”
color must be provided in hex-code

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