Mechanic: Activate Spawner

Activates a MythicMobs spawner, causing it to spawn mobs. Will not override any conditions or options set on the spawner.


Attribute Aliases Description Default Value
spawners spawner, s The name of the spawner(s) to activate. This can accept groups and wildcards also using the appropriate syntax NONE

Special Notes

Best used in conjunction with setting the “useTimer” attribute on spawners to “false”.


This would activate the spawner named “BossAdd”

- activatespawner{spawner=BossAdd}

This example would activate all spawners in the group “Castle”

- activatespawner{spawner=g:Castle}

This example would activate all spawners starting with “DungeonBoss1Spawner” (i.e. DungeonBoss1Spawner1, DungeonBoss1Spawner2, etc)

- activatespawner{spawner=DungeonBoss1Spawner*}
- ...

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