Mechanic: Arrow Volley

Fires a volley of arrows towards the target with a number of configurable properties.


Attribute Aliases Description Default
amount a The number of arrows in the volley 20
spread s How spread out the arrows are 45
velocity v The velocity of the arrows 20
fireTicks f The duration hit entities will burn for in ticks 0
removeDelay rd The time the arrows will stay before disappearing in ticks 200

Note that spread values must be very high to be noticed!


  - arrowvolley{a=20;s=25;v=10;f=50;rd=200} @Target
This will fire 20 arrows, with a spread of 25, at a speed of 10, settings anything they impact on fire for 50 ticks (2.5 seconds), and then remove themselves after 200 ticks (10 seconds).

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