Mechanic: BaseDamage

Added in version 2.3

Damages the target entity for a percentage of the mob's damage stat.


Attribute Aliases Description Default
multiplier m The percentage of damage to deal 1) 1
ignoreArmor ia Whether or not to ignore armor false
preventknockback pkb, pk Whether or not to prevent knockback false
preventimmunity pi Whether or not to ignore immunities false


This example will make the mob deal 150% of its original damage to its target when its being attacked. In this case it would deal 15 damage, since the mob's base-damage is 10.

    Type: HUSK
    Damage: 10
  - basedamage{m=1.5} @target ~onDamaged

1 = 100%, 0.5 = 50% and so-on

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