Mechanic: Command

Executes a command for each target supplied.

Color codes and variables are allowed. For a list of color codes look here. Variables can be found here.

The command specified will not function correctly if it contains double quotes “ or curly brackets {} and must be substitued with their respective message variables. For a more in-depth tutorial on how to use command-skills see command-skills tutorial. That happens because the double quotes and curly brackets are reserved for MythicMobs itself trying to read the syntax you supplied. Update: as of MythicMobs 2.4 curly brackets {} do not need to be replaced with message variables anymore. Double quotes ” however, still need replacements.


Attribute Aliases Description Default
command c The command to execute
asCaster ac If true the command will execute from the caster instead of the console. false
asOp op Whether to execute the command with all permissions false
asTarget at Executes the command as the skill target false
requireTarget rt Only executes if the skill has a target false


Correctly written command-skills

- command{c="give <> gold_bar 20"} @trigger ~onInteract
- command{c="minecraft:tp <> <mob.uuid>"} @self ~onDamaged
- command{c="minecraft:summon Zombie ~ ~ ~ <&lc>NoAI:true,CustomName:<&dq>Summoned Zombie<&dq><&rc>"}
- command{c="minecraft:summon Zombie ~ ~ ~ {NoAI:true,CustomName:<&dq>Summoned Zombie<&dq>}"}

Invalid command-skills

The below example(s) won't work because certain symbols haven't been substituted with message variables.

- command{c="minecraft:summon Zombie ~ ~ ~ {NoAI:true,CustomName:"Summoned Zombie"}"}


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