Mechanic: Damage

Damages the targeted entity.


Attribute Aliases Description Default
amount a The amount of damage to deal 1
ignoreArmor ia Whether or not to ignore armor false
preventknockback pkb, pk Whether or not to prevent knockback false
preventimmunity pi Whether or not to ignore immunities false

“preventknockback” and “preventimmunity” were added in version 2.3


  - damage{amount=20;ignoreArmor=true} @target ~onTimer:20
This skill above does 20 damage (10 hearts), ignoring armor, to the mob's target every 1 second (20 ticks).

  - effect:sound{;v=1;p=0.5} @PIR{r=6}
  - effect:particles{p=explode;a=8;vs=0.5;hs=0.5;s=0;y=1;repeat=5;repeatInterval=20} @PIR{r=6}
  - effect:particles{p=drip_water;a=10;vs=0.5;hs=0.5;s=0;y=1;repeat=5;repeatInterval=20} @PIR{r=6}
  - potion{t=SLOW;d=120;l=6} @PIR{r=6}
  - damage{a=120;pkb=true} @PIR{r=6}
A more complex use of the damage mechanic can give illusions of say Ice attacks like the example above. Which uses effects to make the targets of the mob appear as if they were frozen by using particles (On a repeating interval to create a sort of lingering frost effect as well) and inflicting Slowness level 7 (which is -105% movement speed.) slowing the mob to a halt. Additionally the mechanic inflicts 120 damage (60 hearts) to players within 6 blocks.

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