Mechanic: JSON Message

Added in 2.3.2

Sends a json-format chat message to the target player(s). JSON-messages are capeable of hover-events, click events and some other perks that are unavailable in the other message mechanics. They also support color codes and message variables.

The format of JSON-messages is a little more advanced than your everyday message. The syntax requires some extra symbols. If you don't know anything about writing JSONs, you can visit this page or this one for help.

Note that double quotes must be replaced with single quotes in JSON-message mechanics.

Please do not post issues relating to this mechanic in the bug-report subforums unless you're certain that your syntax is correct.


Attribute Aliases Description Default
message m The json-message to send. Must be surrounded by double-quotes.


You can use both bukkit color codes or json color formatting:


  - jsonmessage{m="[{'text':'&aHey, i am a JSON message!'}]"} @trigger ~onInteract
  - jsonmessage{m="[{'text':'Hey, i am a red JSON message!','color':'red'}]"} @trigger ~onInteract

Here's an example of how to make use of hover-events:


  - jsonmessage{m="[{'text':'&7With me, you can create hover events','hoverEvent':{'action':'show_text','value':{'text':'&aI am a hover event :)'}}}]"} @trigger ~onInteract

And click events can be created like this. This is especially useful for the /mm signal command to create interactive quest mobs. This example would send the signal <signal> to the mob casting the json-message mechanic, if the player clicks on the click-event.


  - jsonmessage{m="[{'text':'&7&nAlso click events! :)','clickEvent':{'action':'run_command','value':'/mm signal <mob.uuid> <signal>'}}]"} @trigger ~onInteract

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