Mechanic: Leap

Causes the mob to leap through the air at the target. Leap calculates a projecitle-like trajectory so that the mob will land directly on top of the target if the velocity is great enough, otherwise the mob will leap at far as possible towards the target.


Attribute Aliases Description Default Value
velocity v The max velocity of the leap 100
noise Added variance to where the mob will land 1

Special Notes

Because of the way this skill works, using very high velocity values is recommended (usually values exceeding 100 work best). Velocity is calculated differently with this skill than most others.


This skill would cause the mob to leap towards the target at high speeds, then slam into the ground and cause an explosion.

  Cooldown: 10
  - leap{velocity=200} @target
  - delay 20
  - jump{velocity=-100}
  - effect:explosion @self
  - damage{amount=20} @EntitiesInRadius{r=5}

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